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This data is taken from STR# resource 7fe59fd0-000000dc-00000000 in TSData/Res/Objects/objects.package.
This data is taken from STR# resource 7fe59fd0-000000dc-00000000 in TSData/Res/Objects/objects.package.
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Generic Sims Call

This primitive allows the manipulation of many elements of game play which do not have their own primitives, and cannot be achieved in globals. An identifier for the particular task to be run is passed in operand 0, with any remaining data generally stored in Temp variables as described below.

Tasks (Operand 0)

0x0(0) Exit Lot
Exits the lot (for use in Tutorial) - Temp0=neighborhoodID; Temp1=0/leave family in lot, Non-Zero/evict family; Temp2=0/no save lot, Non-Zero/save lot; Temp3=0/no reset tutorial episode, Non-Zero/reset tutorial episode
0x1(1) center view on stack object
Centers the main game window on the stack object.
0x2(2) set action icon to stack object
Sets the icon of my current action to the stack object's thumbnail.
0x3(3) uncenter view
If the center function was used recently, centers the main game view to where it was before that call.
0x4(4) add to family
Adds the neighbor with id in stack object to the family ID passed in via Temp 0. If this id is 0, then the current family is used. If this id is a non valid family ID (like -1), then a new family will be constructed.
0x5(5) combine assets of family in temp 0
Adds the net worth from the family in Temp 0 to the current family.
0x6(6) remove from family
Remove the neighbor specified in the stack object from the current family.
0x7(7) deprecated - make new neighbor
No longer implemented. tree error. Make a copy of the neighbor id in the stack object. New neighbor id is also returned in the stack object.
0x8(8) family tutorial complete
Marks the family tutorial as being finishes.
0x9(9) architecture tutorial complete
Marks the architecture tutorial as completed.
0xA(10) disable build and buy
Temporarily disables the build and buy buttons in the user interface. Only to be used for special situations.
0xB(11) enable build and buy
After the disable call has been made, re-enables the build and buy buttons in the user interface. Only to be used for special situations.
0xC(12) get distance to camera in temp 0
For the stack object, computes an integer in temp 0 that varies increasingly the further an object is from the camera.
0xD(13) abort interactions
Aborts all interactions associated with the stack object.
0xE(14) house radio station 
= temp 0
Sets the global house radio station to number provided in temp 0.
0xF(15) My routing footprint 
= temp 0
Set the footprint extension of me to the value in temp 0
0x10(16) change normal outfit
Changes the normal suit of the person to the next available suit.
0x11(17) Swap Lot
Pass in lot ID you want to change to inside of Temp 0
0x12(18) Set Simulator Speed
Pass in temp 0 speed you want. 0 = pause, 1 = unpause, 2 = normal, 3 = fast, 4 = Ultra
0x13(19) Swap Lot to Lot of Family in NeighborID in temp0
Pass in neighbor ID in temp 0 and lot will get swapped to that family's lot.
0x14(20) Swap Lot via Family in Temp 0
Put Family number in Temp 0 and lot will get swapped to their family lot.
0x15(21) Add Child to Family Relationship Array
Put a new child in the family tree array, passing in neighbor ID of new child in temp 0 and Parent NID in Temp 1
0x16(22) Add Spouse to Family Relationship Array
Put a new Spouse in the family tree array, passing in neighbor ID of new spouse in temp 0 - temp 1 is neighbor ID of initial Spouse
0x17(23) Remove From Family Relationship Array
Remove relationships between two Sims in the family tree array, passing in neighbor ID of Sim to remove in temp 0 - temp 1 is neighbor ID of the relative
0x18(24) Preload New Sim Age
Given age in temp 0 (Same age range as SetAge Primitive uses), preload resources for this sim.
0x19(25) Set Selected Sim
Set the selected sim to the sim person object ID in temp 0
0x1A(26) Start Lot Transition
This call will exit the lot (not sure if it saves) and bring up the neighborhood in a mode where you can select a community lot to go to and then load that lot.
0x1B(27) Get Number of community lots in temp0
Gets the number of community lots in temp 0
0x1C(28) Perform Money Effect
If a minus sign is required, make sure the value passed in temp 0 is negative. Temp 2 will contain the multiplier for this value - if it's set to 0 then the code will assume you meant 1.
0x1D(29) Preload Visitor
Temp 0 contains the neighborID of the visitor you wish to preload - preloading takes approx 2 seconds (minimum)
0x1E(30) Preload Clothing
The outfit to preload is in Temp0 (comes from the drop down in Change Outfit) - takes 1/2 second to preload.
0x1F(31) Preload Object
Place GUID of object to be loaded in temp0/1 for object to be preloaded on separate thread.
0x20(32) Get Outfits Information
Place outfit Type in Temp0 and this will return how many outfits there are available for that type on the current ME in temp 1
0x21(33) Update Footprint
Used when you change intersection flags, to update the path planner with the change
0x22(34) Get Distance Between Lots
Source Lot ID in Temp 0, Destination Lot ID in Temp 1. Returns distance in Temp 2. Lot ID is same as House Number.
0x23(35) Get Zoning Type
Lot ID in Temp 0. Returns Zoning Type in Temp 1. 0= Residential. 1= Community.
0x24(36) GetIDOfFamilyInLot
Lot ID in Temp 0. Returns ID of the family residing in the lot in Temp 1. If there is no family in lot, Temp 1 will have -1 upon return.
0x25(37) LotTransitionDone
Needs to be sent after every lot load.
0x26(38) UnlinkCharacter
Neighbor ID in Temp 0. Removes all 3D and Edith resources associated with the character, leaving only UI representation.
0x27(39) Force Recalc of Wants
Forces a recalc of whatever the current Sim is. Ensure this is only called when Me is a sim.
0x28(40) Game State Transition Control
If Temp 0 == 0, the below items will be Disabled. If Temp 0 != 0, the below will be Enabled. (This disables/enables: saving, quitting, exiting to the neighborhood, lot transitions, and lot entry.)
0x29(41) Facial Overlay Zits Toggle
Temp0 == Off (0) / On (1)
0x2A(42) Sim Fitness Update
Syncs the 3D view of the sim to the simulator body settings (fit, fat, normal)
0x2B(43) Is It Ok to Idle Here
0x2C(44) Hide / Unhide Puck
Hide or unhide puck based on value in temp 0 - if non zero puck is hidden. Don't try and hide the puck twice without restoring it, that will cause an error
0x2D(45) Copy Last Name
Copy Last name from object id in Temp 0 to Object in Stack object.
0x2E(46) Set Sim Hair Override
Called on a sim, this will override the current hair the sim is wearing. Temp0 is the table Id, Temp1 is the index Id. This string is the FamilyId to search for in the Skin Catalogue for the override hair (for the given age/gender/haircolor of the sim). If Temp3 is set to 1, fallback to globals can happen if the string isn't found.
0x2F(47) Clear Sim Hair Override
Clears any hair overrides present on the sim.
0x30(48) Get Remapped Neighbor Id
For imported lots (message broadcast would be "import lot"), pass in Temp 0 the old neighbor id, and the remapped/new neighbor id will be set in Temp 1. Will return true if a remapped id is found, false otherwise.
0x31(49) Can Change Footprint?
Tests whether a footprint change would cause intersection with another object's footprint. Pass the footprint index in temp 0.
0x32(50) Extract Money From other Lot
Temp 0 if non zero means take money from other lot. Temp 1 contains neighborID of sim from other lot to take money from. Temp 2 contains percentage of money we want to add to this lot. temp3/4 contain the amount of money added to this lot post call. If temp 5 is zero, then we get the money from the funds of the lot the neighborID came from. If it's non zero, then we get the funds from the lot assets of the lot the neighborID came from.
0x33(51) Show Info On Lot Loading Screen
Pass in Temp 0: 1 == to show dialog for NPCs and Townies generation
0x34(52) Wall in Front?
Direction in temp 0. Returns true if there is a wall within 1.5 tiles in that direction. Returns first object on that tile in temp 1, if there is a wall.
0x35(53) Set Facial Overlay State
Temp0 is the table Id, Temp1 is the index Id, Temp2 is the state (1 == on, 0 == off), Temp3 can be set to 1 to allow fallback to globals.


This data is taken from STR# resource 7fe59fd0-000000dc-00000000 in TSData/Res/Objects/objects.package.

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