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Animate Sim (0x006A)

The Basics

(note: This was written by someone with the original sims 2 ONLY. I have no idea if it's any different in the expansions.)

0x006A is the Animate Sim primitive BHAV. Basically, any time a sim moves, it uses this function.

Animate Sim uses at least 12 of the 16 operands, and can use 4 (that I know of) variables from the calling BHAV as well. It must call an ANIM file, and can call another BHAV file as well.

The Details

Like all BHAVs, Animate sim is called in it's own line, and is passed certain info from the operand list. Just for clarity, this is how I numbered the operands:

A lovely screenshot

Animate Sim basically works like so: When called, it always finds the animation (stored in an ANIM resource) by looking in a STR# (text list) file, gets the animation name out of there, and finds the animation with the right name. Then it applies any changes made in the relevant operands to the animation, and plays it.

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