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This primitive allows objects/sims to be snapped into each other's slots. This is used for accessories, as well as for objects. When an accessory is on a sim, it is in one of their Body Slots. When a sim is sleeping on a bed, the sim is snapped into the bed's slot.


AA aa aa BB bb bb ss xx
xx ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

AA - data owner of object to snap aa - value of data owner of object to be snapped

BB - data owner of object to snap into bb - value of data owner of object to be snapped into

ss - slot number to snap into

xx - Not sure about these 2 yet. the second one may be flags of some kind.

?? - apparently unused


To snap the stack object 0 into the object in Local Variable 1, using the third slot:

0a 00 00 19 01 00 03 87
07 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

Values observed in another objects were used for the unknown opcodes.

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