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This article is imported from the old MTS2 wiki. You can help Sims2Wiki by cleaning it up. It's original page with comments can be found at http://old_wiki.modthesims2.com/AACE2EFB
This article is imported from the old MTS2 wiki. You can help Sims2Wiki by cleaning it up. It's original page with comments can be found at http://old_wiki.modthesims2.com/PDAT
Short name: PDAT
Long name: Sim description

Thanks to Buggi, Quaxi and Kobal for this one.

This resource holds sim data.


Offset 128 (0x80) 1 byte - Age (01=baby,02=toddler,03=child,10=teen,13=adult,33=elder)

Offset 134 (0x86) Family?

Offset 142 (0x8E) 1 byte - Gender (0=male, 1=female)

Offset 152 (0x98) 1 byte - Zodiac sign

Offset 176 (0xB0) 2 byte - Fatness

Offset 0x160 2 Byte - Instance ID of the File

Offset 0x162 4 Byte - Sim ID

All of the following values are short ints (2 bytes) ranging from 0 to 1000. Personality:

Offset 106 (0x6A) - Sloppy-Neat

  and  26 (0x1A)

Offset 108 (0x6C) - Grouchy-Nice

  and  16 (0x10)

Offset 110 (0x6E) - Lazy-Active

  and  18 (0x12)

Offset 112 (0x70) - Shy-Outgoing

  and  24 (0x18)

Offset 114 (0x72) - Serious-Playful

  and  22 (0x16)


Offset 30 (0x1E) Cleaning

Offset 32 (0x20) Cooking

Offset 34 (0x22) Charisma

Offset 36 (0x24) Mechanical

Offset 42 (0x2A) Creativity

Offset 46 (0x2E) Body

Offset 48 (0x30) Logic


Offset 260 (0x104) Politics

Offset 262 (0x106) Money

Offset 264 (0x108) Environment

Offset 266 (0x10A) Crime

Offset 268 (0x10C) Entertainment

Offset 270 (0x10E) Culture

Offset 272 (0x110) Food

Offset 274 (0x112) Health

Offset 276 (0x114) Fashion

Offset 278 (0x116) Sports

Offset 280 (0x118) Paranormal

Offset 282 (0x11A) Travel

Offset 284 (0x11C) Work

Offset 286 (0x11E) Weather

Offset 288 (0x120) Animals

Offset 290 (0x122) School

Offset 292 (0x124) Toys

Offset 294 (0x126) Sci-Fi

Here is the List of all available Options in the SDSC Files:

Offset Size Version Name Old Name Description
0x000 4 TS2 ???
0x004 4 TS2 Version?
0x008 4 TS2 Version again?
0x00C 2 TS2 Sitting?
0x00E 2 TS2 Money Over Head
0x010 2 TS2 Personality Nice
0x012 2 TS2 Personality Active
0x014 2 Uni+ Effort Personality ( Unused - was Generousity)
0x016 2 TS2 Personality Playful
0x018 2 TS2 Personality Outgoing
0x01A 2 TS2 Personality Neat
0x01C 2 TS2 Current Outfit
0x01E 2 TS2 Cleaning Skill
0x020 2 TS2 Cooking Skill
0x022 2 TS2 Charisma Skill
0x024 2 TS2 Mechanical Skill
0x026 2 TS2 xxxi: Exercise ( Hot Date )
0x028 2 TS2 xxxi: Food ( Hot Date )
0x02A 2 TS2 Creativity Skill
0x02C 2 TS2 xxxi: Parties ( Hot Date )
0x02E 2 TS2 Body Skill
0x030 2 TS2 Logic Skill
0x032 2 TS2 Group Talk State Flags
0x034 2 TS2 xxxi: Style ( Hot Date )
0x036 2 TS2 ci: Current Interaction Index
0x038 2 TS2 Gender Preference - Male
0x03A 2 TS2 Gender Preference - Female
0x03C 2 TS2 Job Data
0x03E 2 TS2 Interaction Data Field #1
0x040 2 TS2 ci: Sub Queue Interaction Count
0x042 2 TS2 tick counter
0x044 2 TS2 Interaction Data Field #2
0x046 2 TS2 Motives Static?
0x048 2 TS2 Censorship Flags
0x04A 2 TS2 neighbor id
0x04C 2 TS2 Person Type
0x04E 2 TS2 Priority
0x050 2 TS2 Greet Status
0x052 2 TS2 visitor schedule
0x054 2 TS2 autonomy level
0x056 2 TS2 route slot
0x058 2 TS2 route multi slot index
0x05A 2 TS2 route status
0x05C 2 TS2 route goal
0x05E 2 TS2 Look At Object ID
0x060 2 TS2 Look At Slot ID
0x062 2 TS2 Look At State
0x064 2 TS2 Look At Time Remaining
0x066 2 TS2 cn: Next Queued Interaction Index
0x068 2 TS2 Aspiration
0x06A 2 TS2 Original Neat Personality Type
0x06C 2 TS2 Original Nice Personality
0x06E 2 TS2 Original Active Personality
0x070 2 TS2 Original Outgoing Personality
0x072 2 TS2 Original Playful Personality
0x074 2 TS2 Sim UI Icon Flags
0x076 2 TS2 FindBestAction result Interaction Object ID
0x078 2 TS2 Memory Score
0x07A 2 TS2 route start slot
0x07C 2 TS2 School Grade
0x07E 2 TS2 Job Promotion Level
0x080 2 TS2 Person Age
0x082 2 TS2 social menu object id
0x084 2 TS2 skin color
0x086 2 TS2 family number
0x088 2 TS2 route result
0x08A 2 TS2 job performance
0x08C 2 TS2 Is Swimming?
0x08E 2 TS2 Gender
0x090 2 TS2 private
0x092 2 TS2 lingering house number
0x094 2 TS2 ghost flags (routing behavior)
0x096 2 TS2 PTO
0x098 2 TS2 zodiac
0x09A 2 TS2 non-interruptible
0x09C 2 TS2 cn: Next Queued Interaction Continuation?
0x09E 2 TS2 footprint extension
0x0A0 2 TS2 Render Display Flags
0x0A2 2 TS2 ci: Sub Queue Master Interaction Object ID
0x0A4 2 TS2 ci: Sub Queue master interaction index
0x0A6 2 TS2 cn: Next Sub Queue Interaction Index
0x0A8 2 TS2 cn: Next Sub Queue Interaction object ID
0x0AA 2 TS2 cn: Next Queued interaction object ID
0x0AC 2 TS2 ci: Current interaction object ID
0x0AE 2 TS2 Body Flags
0x0B0 2 TS2 Fatness
0x0B2 2 Uni+ Grade xxxi:Toddler Life Score(unused)
0x0B4 2 TS2 xxxi:Child Life Score(unused)
0x0B6 2 TS2 xxxi:Teen Life Score(unused)
0x0B8 2 TS2 xxxi:Adult Life Score(unused)
0x0BA 2 TS2 xxxi:Elder Life Score(unused)
0x0BC 2 TS2 Voice Type
0x0BE 4 TS2 Job Object GUID
0x0C2 2 TS2 Age Days Left
0x0C4 2 TS2 Days in Previous Age
0x0C6 2 TS2 Decay Hunger Per Day
0x0C8 2 TS2 Decay Comfort Per Day
0x0CA 2 TS2 Decay Bladder Per Day
0x0CC 2 TS2 Decay Energy Per Day
0x0CE 2 TS2 Decay Hygiene Per Day
0x0D0 2 TS2 unused (was Social Family Decay)
0x0D2 2 TS2 Decay Social per Day
0x0D4 2 TS2 unused
0x0D6 2 TS2 Decay Fun per day
0x0D8 2 TS2 ci: Current running interaction index
0x0DA 2 TS2 ci: Current running Object ID
0x0DC 2 TS2 Genetics Data 1
0x0DE 2 TS2 Genetics Data 2
0x0E0 2 TS2 Genetics Data 3
0x0E2 4 TS2 School object GUID
0x0E6 2 TS2 ci: Current Interaction GUID
0x0E8 2 TS2 Interactions Linked Deleted
0x0EA 2 TS2 Romance Skill
0x0EC 2 TS2 LocoWeight 0
0x0EE 2 TS2 LocoWeight 1
0x0F0 2 TS2 LocoPersonalityIndex
0x0F2 2 TS2 LocoPersonalityWeight
0x0F4 2 TS2 LocoMoodIndex
0x0F6 2 TS2 LocoMoodWeight
0x0F8 2 TS2 Motives not included in mood
0x0FA 4 TS2 Outfit Source GUID
0x0FE 2 TS2 Environment Score Override
0x100 2 TS2 Fitness Preference
0x102 2 TS2 Pension
0x104 2 TS2 i: Politics
0x106 2 TS2 i: Money
0x108 2 TS2 i: Environment
0x10A 2 TS2 i: Crime
0x10C 2 TS2 i: Entertainment
0x10E 2 TS2 i: Culture
0x110 2 TS2 i: Food
0x112 2 TS2 i: Health
0x114 2 TS2 i: Fashion
0x116 2 TS2 i: Sports
0x118 2 TS2 i: Paranormal
0x11A 2 TS2 i: Travel
0x11C 2 TS2 i: Work
0x11E 2 TS2 i: Weather
0x120 2 TS2 i: Animals
0x122 2 TS2 i: School
0x124 2 TS2 i: Toys
0x126 2 TS2 i: Sci-Fi
0x128 2 TS2 i: Unused
0x12A 2 TS2 i: Unused
0x12C 2 TS2 i: Unused
0x12E 2 TS2 i: Unused
0x130 2 TS2 i: Unused
0x132 2 TS2 i: Unused
0x134 2 TS2 i: Unused
0x136 2 TS2 i: Unused
0x138 2 TS2 i: Unused
0x13A 2 TS2 i: Unused
0x13C 2 TS2 i: Unused
0x13E 2 TS2 i: Unused
0x140 2 TS2 Unselectable Sim
0x142 2 TS2 NPC Type
0x144 2 TS2 Age Duration
0x146 2 TS2 ci: Sub Queue Interaction Object ID
0x148 2 TS2 Selection Flags
0x14A 2 TS2 Person Flags
0x14C 2 TS2 Aspiration Score
0x14E 2 TS2 Aspiration Reward Points Spent
0x150 2 TS2 Aspiration Score Raw
0x152 2 TS2 Mood Booster
0x154 2 TS2 Current Interaction Joinable
0x156 2 TS2 Unlinked?
0x158 2 TS2 Interaction Autonomous
0x15A 4 TS2 Retired Job GUID
0x15E 2 TS2 Retired Job Level
0x160 4 Uni+ College Major
0x164 2 Uni+ Remaining Time in Semester
0x166 2 Uni+ Unknown
0x168 2 Uni+ Semester
0x16A 2 Uni+ On Campus?
0x16C 4 Uni+ Unknown
0x170 2 Uni+ Influence
0x172 2 NL+ Route
0x174 2 NL+ Traits 1
0x176 2 NL+ Traits 2
0x178 2 NL+ Turn Ons 1
0x17A 2 NL+ Turn Ons 2
0x17C 2 NL+ Turn Offs 1
0x17E 2 NL+ Turn Offs 2
0x180 2 NL+ Species
0x182 2 NL+ Countdown
0x184 2 NL+ Perfume Timer
0x186 2 NL+ Date Timer
0x188 2 NL+ Date Score
0x18A 2 NL+ Date Unlock Counter
0x18C 2 NL+ Love Potion Timer
0x18E 2 NL+ Aspiration Score Lock
0x190 2 NL+ Date Unlock Counter
0x192 2 NL+ Date Unlock Counter
0x194 2 NL+ Date Unlock Counter
0x196 2 NL+ Date Unlock Counter
0x198 2 NL+ Date Unlock Counter
0x19A 2 NL+ Date Unlock Counter
0x19C 2 NL+ Date Unlock Counter
0x19E 2 BV+ Turn Ons 3
0x1A0 2 BV+ Turn Offs 3
0x1A2 2 BV+ Traits 3
0x1A4 2 NL+ Date Unlock Counter
0x1A5 2 NL+ Date Unlock Counter
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