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Short name: SMAP
Long name: String map


[edit] Format

[edit] Header

As specified in WDB.

64 BYTEs
Filename [offset ranges: 0-63 / 0x00-0x3F]
Usually 0
Block ID [offset ranges: 64-67 / 0x40-0x43]
Value = CAC4FC40
Block Version [offset ranges: 68-71 / 0x44-0x47]
Only known value = 1
Block Name [offset ranges: 73-82 / 0x49-0x52] including character count [offset ranges: 72 / 0x48]
Value = "cStringMap"

[edit] Data Section

Count [offset ranges: 83-86 / 0x53-0x56]
Number of string map entries
for each entry
String Value
For instance 0x0E: This is usually the TXTR name of the floor tile
WORD (2 bytes)
Reference Number
For instance 0x0D: This is the wall covering reference number used in WLL 8A84D7B0
For instance 0x0E: This is the floor tile reference number used in Instance 0x00 of 3D array 2A51171B
DWORD (4 bytes)
Usage Count
For instance 0x0E: This appears to be a count of the number of quarter tiles spaces on the lot which are covered by this floor tile.

[edit] Instance 0x0D

This is for wallpaper map referencing.

[edit] Instance 0x0E

This is for floor tile map referencing.

[edit] Notes

The string map is used to correlate Reference Numbers and String Values, and to keep track of the number of times this item is used.

This article is imported from the old MTS2 wiki. It's original page, with comments, can be found at http://old_wiki.modthesims2.com/CAC4FC40

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