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I think it is a great idea

I think there should be a Maxis match category in the content lists because I'm always looking for Maxis match sets like the ones here N99's maxis match setsor Counter-Matching Buffet Tables by MsBarrows at TSR the objects finsh set or make sets out of single Maxis objects that don't macth many things The alien among us 17:10, 13 April 2007 (CDT)

Default Replacements/Conversions/FreeSite Only Wiki?

Although I did suggest this in the Helpers thread @ MTS2, I'm just keeping it here for future reference. I think that it would be a wonderful idea to have default replacements, say from hair to objects.

I think it would be more than an excellent idea to have conversions as another thing to add to the content list. Now that conversions appear more, I think that this should be updated for the wiki. Anything from age conversions to gender conversions (hair, I'm talking about, but leave the rest to your imagination) ;)

Also, this may be strenuous since there is some pay site stuff; however, since we are updating the wiki, we should be promoting Free-only items, from 100% free sites. I know, my inner Pro-Free/Anti-pay is showing, but I personally think it would be a wonderful idea, considering MTS2 only allows 100% free items as of July 2007 in the uploads. I think we should push further and only have a 100% free wiki though, considering this is a Sister Site to MTS2, and those who upload to MTS2 are only allowed to upload their uploads with 100% free items.

I would suggest an area for plus size clothing, and I would also suggest a content area for steampunk things (which I have quite a list of)

  • Default replacements can be listed on whatever applicable page in the Body Shop section - easy enough to add a Default Replacements section to hair, or simply include them in the list with a note, "(Default Replacement)" - I'd rather them not be separate. Free items are definitely preferred, but sometimes there's pay items out there that do fit in whatever theme - in which case they're denoted with "($$$)" so users know what they're getting into before they visit the link. HystericalParoxysm 12:06, 31 October 2008 (CDT)

maxis content, neighbourhood terrains and user-made neighborhoods

I came looking for lists of what maxis stuff came with what EP & didn't find it. This page is about CUSTOM or user-made content rather than just content. Maybe the title should make that clearer & if there's a site showing what came with what EP/SP, a link would be great.

I don't see a section on neighbourhood terrains or pre-made hoods yet. There are loads of great neighbourhood terrains out there, many from MTS2 & I'm no expert, but here are the user-made neighborhoods I know about including my own:

Seagull Island -
Morewood -
Beacon Falls -
Maple Valley - ??
Meadow Lawns

Plus an OFB sub-hood you can add to any 'hood you want.
Sedona -

Seagull Island is just beautiful btw.

I think there should be a Contents List Page for Sims 1 For Sims 3 just as there is one for Sims 2 for Sims 3. Aside from the Ts1 for Ts3 lots posted here (more to come), there is the Newbie House at MATY, All the stuff Tragic Clowns are doing for their world, and other TS1/TS3 projects in the works.

I've added a Sims 1 section to the TS2 for TS3 page.
Yes, I've been considering a section for worlds. :) It'll be on the To-Do list, unless someone else wants to do it, in which case I'll set up the page for others to add content.
whiterider 06:43, 20 May 2010 (CDT)

Neighborhood Categories

It might make sense to have more subcategories for neighborhoods. I believe that there are a variety of hood types: terrains, decorated hoods (terrain and hood deco only), unpopulated hoods with lots, populated hoods with lots, mega-hoods (combining existing maxis neighborhoods), subhoods (such as universities, downtowns, business districts and vacation destinations), and other (including hoods with lots and townies, but no playable sims).

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