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[http://calalily.sublimesims.net/index.html Calalily Sims]
[http://calalily.sublimesims.net/index.html Calalily Sims]
[[Category: Fantasy]]
[[category: freesites]]
[[category: freesites]]
[[Category: fansites]]
[[Category: fansites]]

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Calalily Sims is a fansite offering 100% free sims 2 content.

[edit] Details

Calalily sims offers a variety of themed objects, as well as lots and bedding. The themes offered at present are: Fairy, Aztec, Buffy and Angel, and Pop Culture. In addition, all the artwork on buttons and banners is done by Calalily herself.

[edit] Terms of Use

You can share, post etc. Calalily's work on any 100% free site, including the Exchange. All she asks is that you link back to her. Absolutely off limits to paysites, or sites with donation files, including screenshots.

[edit] External Links

Calalily Sims

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