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Some things you can do in the game can lead to the neighborbood corruption and have never been fixed. They should be avoided at all costs.

Do not...

  • Delete Sims from the Sim Bin.
Here is the correct way to delete a Sim:,6205.0.html
  • Delete character files (in your Sims 2 folder in your Documents).
  • Use the DeleteAllCharacters cheat.
  • Interact with Mrs. Crumplebottom, the Charlatan, the Grim Reaper, etc. in any way other than their intended in game purpose. These characters do not have playable data.
Here is a thread which discusses this issue further:
  • Save with Sims on the telephone (under the circumstances of installing hacks or installing a new EP/SP which will cause a game reset).
  • Allow a Sim to die with tombstones or urns in their inventory.
  • Move an inhabited lot (lot with family) or an owned lot (owned business) to the Lot Bin.
  • Install an occupied lot (lot with family). This includes packaged lots that you downloaded which have families included, unless you are absolutely sure that they have been properly cleaned. Occupied lots which ship with the game are safe.
Here is the correct way to move a Sim:
  • Bin lots that have graves.
  • Delete lots that have graves.
  • Delete owned lots (business lots) or residential lots with home business before shutting down the business.
  • Bin empty lots that have been lived in without getting rid of the off-world loiterers. [need note about how to remove off-world loiterers]
  • Rezone a lot with active Sims living or staying on it.
  • Remove custom careers/majors while a Sim is using them.

Things not to do unless you are willing to fix them using various tools/hacks.

  • Delete custom or geneticized/townified skins or eyes; this can cause a corrupted skin tone for Sims using them.
Unless you are willing to fix their DNA using SimPe.
  • Delete custom foods: breaks want trees for Sims that had it as a favorite food.
Unless you install Pescado's1 Lotdebugger
and are willing to reset all Sims that had a custom food set as their favorite,
and are willing to remove all memories about the custom food using SimPE.
  • Let Samantha Ottomas’ pregnancy come to term.
Unless you fully patched your Seasons game
prior to creating the neighborhood using the Seasons EP,
or prior to porting your existing neighborhood to the Seasons EP.
  • Delete tombstones/urns.
Unless you have Pescado's1 nounlinkondelete hack installed.
  • Resurrect dead pre-made Sims that shipped with the game; most of them have missing data (Skip Broke, Darleen Dreamer ect).
Unless you fully read and follow the proper instructions in the following guide:

You should also be aware that the neighborhoods which are shipped with the game have some problems. Strangetown is particularly problematic. You can solve some of these problems by installing clean templates, such as these clean and fixed templates from Tarlia:

You may also want to install empty templates for the stealth sub-neighborhoods, to avoid unnecessary townies and Sim Bin sims:,13382.0.html

The discussion thread for this article can be found here:

1 Pescado's hacks can be found at MATY in the hacks directory under your most current EP:

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