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How do I change a lot to dorm, greek, secret society, residential or community type?

This Build Mode cheat is enabled in University. (You can not use this if you just have the Original Sims 2 installed.)

Create a new blank lot and make sure it is a residential lot. Then build your 'dorms' - make sure you include the dorm doors and the right stove/oven and all of the necessities. When you are done, open up the cheat console (by holding down the CTRL, SHIFT, C keys) and type it this cheat (and it is case-sensitive):

  • changeLotZoning dorm


  • changeLotZoning greek
  • changeLotZoning secret society
  • changeLotZoning community
  • changeLotZoning residential

Save your lot and go back to the neighborhood. It will now be a dorm and you can move your Young Adults into it.

If you create a new secret society lot, they will not be visible while in Neighborhood view and you will not be able to edit it again after changing the lot type. So be careful with that one!

If you change an existing lot to a residential, you will need to give it a mailbox and a trash can. You can find those items in a buyable collection here: (click on Sims 2, then Hacks/Mods). The mailbox is needed if you have kids/teens that go to school, if you have a job, and if you are leaving/returning from a community lot.

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