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* Making flowers wilt
* Making flowers wilt
* Turning on TVs and stereos
* Turning on TVs and stereos
* Scaring your Sims.  If a teen/adult/elder Sim's needs are low enough, the scare can be fatal.
* Scaring your Sims
Ghosts can also possess objects, manipulating them to scare your living Sims:
Ghosts can also possess objects, manipulating them to scare your living Sims:

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This guide is all about death in The Sims 2.

Different Ways A Sim Can Die

There are multiple ways a sim can die:

  • Burning
  • Cowplant (Uni)
  • Death by Flies
  • Death by Satellite
  • Death by Sunlight (Vampires in NL)
  • Disease
  • Drowning
  • Electrocution
  • Freeze to Death
  • Heat Stroke (Seasons)
  • Hit by hail (Seasons)
  • Hit by lightening (Seasons)
  • Old Age
  • Scared to Death
  • Starvation

Pleading with Death

Mourning, Tombstones, and Urns


Ghosts' Appearance

Ghosts' appearance and general behavior reflect on how they died:

  • Burned: Red - smoking
  • Death by Flies: Purple
  • Death by Satellite: Orange
  • Disease: Green
  • Drowned: Blue - leave puddles behind
  • Electrocution: Yellow - spark and electrify occasionally
  • Hunger: Normal but transparent - open the fridge and remove five food units.
  • Old Age: White
  • Scared to Death: Pink

Ghosts' Behavior

  • Ghosts like to scare living Sims. Make sure you don't allow your Sims needs to drop low when a ghost is around or they could die of fright.
  • Ghosts appear only at night and disappear before sunrise - always near their urn/tombstone - or a former location if it's been moved to another spot on the lot.
  • Ghosts will wake your sleeping Sims up. So don't keep urns in your Sims' bedrooms or they'll never get a good night's rest!


Ghosts will haunt the lot until their urn or tombstone is removed via Buy mode. Ghost will disrupt living sims in various ways:

  • Making flowers wilt
  • Turning on TVs and stereos
  • Scaring your Sims

Ghosts can also possess objects, manipulating them to scare your living Sims:

  • Dining chairs: Float even if a Sim is sitting on them
  • Microwave: Floats, opens, and closes
  • Surgical dummy: Floats
  • Table lamps: Float. If the ghost is angry, the lamp may be broken
  • Teddy bear: Floats and head rotates
  • Toy xylophone: Plays by itself
  • Tubs and shower tubs: Fill with water and bubbles. If the ghost is in a bad mood, he'll dirty the tub.

The level of a haunting is a matter of:

  • Whether the ghost is angry
  • Whether the ghosts' urn or tombstone has been smashed or kicked

Angry Ghosts

A happy ghost is annoying enough. An angry ghost can be a problem. Ghosts get angry for three reasons:

  • No Food: If a ghost died of hunger and there are either no refrigerators on the lot or a fridge is empty, the ghost will be angry. The solution to this is to buy or restock the fridge.
  • Spouse Remarries: If a dead Sim's spouse remarries, the dead Sim will not be a happy camper. The ghost will think about their spouse and the new-comer often (with a red X through their spouse's new love). The only way to calm this ghost down is for the living spouse to get divorced.
  • Family moves out: If the ghost's family has moved out, the ghost will be angry at any new residents.

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