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There have been several Graphic Issues that plague all users, and in some cases, users of ATI graphic cards. All of them are either correctable or have a rather simple work around until such time that EA sees fit to address and correct them with a patch.

Boxy or Blocky Graphics

There have been reports from players with ATI Radeon graphics cards experiencing graphics issues, such as boxy or blocky graphics. To fix this graphics issue, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the 'Start' menu on the Windows Taskbar.
  2. Go to 'Programs,' then select 'Catalyst Control Center.' This program should be the ATI Driver program, also accessible from your System Tray (where the computer clock is displayed).
  3. From your Catalyst Control Center, make sure you uncheck the 'Enable Adaptive Antialiasing' option under '3D Settings.'

NOTE: boxy or blocky graphics can be caused by reducing some setting in options and not restarting the game as recommended.

Strange Graphics Viewing Lots

Some issues occur when viewing a lot or zoomed out viewing multiple lots with an ATI Graphics Card. This can be corrected by using the option Restore to Factory Defaults.

  1. Open Catalyst Control Center
  2. At the top right of the window, you will see "Options", click on Options
  3. Move down to Preferences, another menu will show up
  4. At the bottom of that menu click on "Restore Factory Defaults"
  5. A popup will ask you to confirm, click on Yes
  6. Once it's finished (a second or two) close Catalyst Control Center

That's it, you should now be able to start the game and the graphics issue should be gone.

Gaps in Walls in Build Mode

Many users have experienced gaps along edges, corners, and other anomalies with walls when in Build Mode after installing Late Night and/or patch 1.17.60 / 2.12.8 / 3.8.6 / 4.5.6 / 5.2.4. Note that this is just a rendering issue and NOT a gameplay issue. It is also easily corrected.

Once you start building on a new lot, you may notice the wall anomaly, by simply placing a door on one of the walls the anomaly will be gone and walls will return to their normal state. Even if you remove the door, the walls should remain anomaly free.

NOTE: this may occur again when you start building on another lot.

Black Ceilings in Camera Mode

Since custom ceilings were introduced after Ambitions and/or patch 1.12.70 / 2.7.7 / 3.3.11, users who tried to take pictures of a house in camera mode often found ceilings had turned completely black. This is merely a game/graphic glitch and there is a simple work around. This occurs when you attempt to take pictures of one level with a custom ceiling, and have levels above showing as well.

If you have a 3 story house and wish to take pictures of level 1 / First Floor:

  1. Select for all walls to be up and only showing the first floor
  2. Use the Tab key to enter Camera Mode
  3. As long as you stay below the First Floor Ceiling level, the ceiling will show up and be normal

For each floor after the first floor:

  1. Press the TAB key to exit camera mode
  2. Move up to the level you wish to take a picture of
  3. Press the TAB key to enter camera mode
  4. As long as you stay between the floor and ceiling of this level, the ceiling will appear normal.

NOTE: Some users have claimed this has also happened when not in camera mode. This should also be correctable by only showing the current level of the house.

Dark Garage Doors

You may have noticed while building your house, that when you build a garage, the garage door goes dark when you place a roof on the garage. This is a lighting issue that EA has yet to address and correct. If the garage is built on the ground (not on foundation) there is a work around.

Once you have completed your garage:

  1. Delete the roof
  2. Turn auto roof off
  3. Show only the level of the garage with the walls up
  4. Choose one corner of the garage and delete 2 wall sections from the corner in both directions
  5. place one foundation at the corner you deleted the walls from
  6. Press CTRL+SHIFT+C and enter   testingcheatsenabled true
  7. Press CTRL+SHIFT+C and enter   constrainfloorelevation false
  8. Go to terrain tools and select the Level Tool
  9. Level out the foundation to the same height as the walls for the garage
  10. Use the wall tool to join the foundation to the remaining walls
  11. Press CTRL+SHIFT+C and type in   constrainfloorelevation true
  12. You will need to manually place the roof, autoroof will not work properly

NOTE: this should work whether the garage is attached or not, there are some that claim this either doesn't work or doesn't work all the time.

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