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The Writings of Qin Shan Hu

This is an adventure your sims can do in China.

Adventure Details

In-Game Description

"You have had a most startling and unexpected vision. I knew that you would see something. I did not know that you would see... this. It is the keystone to the Ancient Monk Retreat. Use this key to enter the tomb and retrieve an ancient Relic, one that contains the ancient writings of Qin Shan Hu. Bring this to me and I will reward you with Ancient Coins."


The Resolute Fist Retreat, located near the river in Shang Simla.


Medium - lots of traps!


The reward for this adventure is:

  • 20 Visa Points
  • 200 Ancient Coins

Adventure Chain


1. Retreat to the Retreat: Head to the Resolute Fist Retreat. On the low patio near the stairs, there's a gold floor switch. Stand on it to reveal some stairs on the adjacent square patio. Go down the stairs.

2. Keystone: Clear the rubble piles to uncover some Ancient Coins and a tomb hole. Inspect the Tomb Hole to open a secret door to a small adjacent room with treasure. Get the treasure.

Place the Keystone next to the door and go through the door.

3. Inlay Room: This is a large square room with a pretty inlay of wood on the floor, and Martial Arts training equipment. Pull the statue in the far corner of the room to get to a tomb hole. Inspect it to reveal two weighted floor switches.

Pull Far to pull both statues onto the floor switches. This will unlock the locked door. Go the other door.

4. Small Hall: Your sim will be in a narrow hall will five doors. Start with the door on the left and work toward the right. Pick up the treasure in the first two rooms.

In the middle room, Inspect the tomb hole to unlock the door on the far right.

Pick up the treasure in the fourth room, and then in the fifth room (far right), Inspect another tomb hole to open a secret door on the far left of the hallway with some minor treasure and a chest. Loot that room, then head back into the room with the inlay on the floor, and through the door you unlocked using the statues. Head down the stairs.

5. Plaques and a Dive Well: Go to the end of the L-shaped corridor and through the door (don't worry, there's no traps here).

This room has a dive well and three doors, with a plaque beside each one. The plaques are clues to how to solve the tomb puzzles behind each door.

The plaque next to the door closest to the dive well reads:

Timing is everything...

The plaque on the single door in the middle reads:

Step carefully... the darkness hides danger.

The plaque on the double door closest to the stairs reads:

The logical mind can overcome all obstacles...

Get Soaked in the Dive Well, and then go through the "Timing is everything..." door, closest to the Dive Well.

6. Timing is Everything: This is a long hall, with obvious fire traps going off at intervals.

Walk your sim to the first fire trap. Wait until it's just about finished flaming, and choose "Attempt to Cross". Your sim will hop across, the fire will flare one last time, and the trap will be disabled. As your sim got Soaked using the Dive Well, if you mis-time it, you won't get any negative effects, but you will lose the Soaked moodlet - return to the Dive Well and Get Soaked again if this happens.

Disable all of the fire traps, and then go through the door at the end.

7. Go Back: Open and loot the chest as a secret door is revealed to a room with a Dive Well. Explore it to go back to the room with the doors and plaques. Go through the center door, the one that reads, "Step carefully... the darkness hides danger."

8. The Darkness Hides Danger: This octagonal room has dark floor tiles and light floor tiles. Pretty much everywhere there are dark floor tiles, there's a fire trap (as suggested by the hint on the plaque). Walk your sim carefully over the light floor to behind the pushable statue.

Push Far to push it over to the weighted floor switch, to unlock the door.

Go through the door. Loot the chest to get to the next part of the Adventure, and then go through the secret door that will open, into the room with that same Dive Well. Explore it to go back to the beginning again.

Go through the last door, "The logical mind can overcome all obstacles..."

9. The Logical Mind...: This winding hallway is full of fire traps and tomb holes. Each tomb hole may disable or enable particular fire traps. You'll have to do them in just the right order.

Click on the picture to the right to see the order you'll need to use. When you're done you should be able to go through the door at the end safely.

You'll get a "completed the legendary Resolute Fist Retreat" message. Loot the chest, and you can use the dive well one last time to head back to the room with the three doors. Go up the stairs and back out of the Resolute Fist Retreat.

10. Deliver Writings: Return to the adventure giver to turn in the Qin Shan Hu Writings and to receive your reward.

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