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[edit] Laundry

Ambitions introduced a laundry system that provides sims with a buff on days when they have fresh laundry. This feature is also available through certain sets in store.

[edit] Mechanics

Laundry is disabled by default until the player places one of its associated objects - a washing machine, a dryer, or clothes line. Once any of these objects are on the lot, Sims will leave a pile of clothing on the ground each time they change their outfit. Sims can collect these piles, put them in washing machines, and then transfer them to the dryer or washing line. Once the dried clothing is collected the whole household receives the following buffs.

[edit] Moodlets

[edit] Moodlets

Icon Moodlet Name Effects Time Period From Description Notes Expansion
Clean Clothes.png Fresh Clothing +18/+32 mood 10 hours Clean laundry Wearing freshly washed clothes is a joy of life, like cookies or sunshine. Increase of mood depends on type of washing machine, and drying method.
Clean Bedsheets.png Clean Bedsheets +10 mood - Clean laundry - Remains while sleeping on bed.
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