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    ... Helpful information regarding the aspects and gameplay of The Sims 3


Cheats The game's cheats, with instructions and descriptions on how to use them.
Tricks Tricks and bugs that make the game more fun!


Achievements Earn Badges by completing the achievements available on your Player Profile and Wall.
Aging Age durations and what not.
Ambrosia The dish of life!
Athletic Skill Pumping iron and getting pumped. Heh. Pumped.
Books All the books in the game and what to do with them.
Bug Collecting Beetles and butterflies!
Careers Career levels, options, pay levels, and skills.
Cooking & Recipes The foods your sims can cook, with ingredients, cooking skill, etc.
Death Flower The Death Flower and its plant.
Fishing Fish, baits, and so forth.
Gardening Plants, fertilizers, and seeds. Where to find them and what benefits they grant.
Gems Information about Gem collecting, cutting, transfiguring and more.
Ghosts Info on what happens after your Sim kicks the bucket.
Gnomes Magic Gnomes are sly,conniving and sometimes magical creatures.
Guitar Guitar Songs, Skills and More.
Handiness & Upgrades A list of what available upgrades there are, and information on the Handiness skill.
Investments How and why to invest in local businesses.
Life Fruit So what's this life fruit thing and what does it do?
Lifetime Rewards What happens when your Sim splurges on that upgrade to their life.
Lifetime Wishes Your Sims need a Lifetime Wish.
Logic The logic skill and its use.
Moodlets Your sims moodlets, and what causes them.
Mysterious Mr. Gnome Careful... he's mysterious!
NPCs A list of all the NPCs who make our Sim's life a little easier and the ones we could do without!
Omni Plant The plant that can grow lobsters!
Rocks, Gems, and Metals Finding these valuable collectibles and making the best profit.
Opportunities Opportunities to increase skill level, job performance, and earn extra cash.
Painting Painting and the painting skill.
Pregnancy, Baby Gender & Fertility Help on what to expect when your sim is expecting.
Rabbit Holes & Community Lots What the heck is a rabbit hole, and what are the different types? Plus, community lots!
Traits A list of all the game's traits, with descriptions.
Toddlers What to do once they're out of the crib and eating their socks.
Writing A guide to writing a best selling novel.

    World Adventures

Adventures Exciting adventures for fun and profit.
Ancient Coins OooOoo, Ancient Coins? What are they good for besides hoarding?
Base Camp Base Camp is your home base while vacationing.
Collectible Relics Is it an Ancient Relic? Does it have a curse attached to it?
Common Relics So, ok. Your Sim bought some junk in the market. Is it pretty enough to collect anyway?
Gems Information about Gem collecting, cutting, transfiguring and more.
Giant Boulders You'll need Pangu's Ax from Shang Simla to break past them to get to the treasure troves.
Location Living Your Sim doesn't want to pay Import Duty but they want to keep their stash? Why not buy a vacation home? Here's what they need to do.
Markets Market-schmarket - Why does your Sim need buy stuff anyway?
Martial Arts Skill Shang Simla is the place to be to learn the best in Martial Arts.
Mummies BOO! Mummies!!
Nectar Making What is Nectar? Why in the world would your Sim want to drink something they stomped on? Is it sanitary?
Photography What? Sims can take pictures now? Are we their virtual reality?
Reset Tombs Can the Tombs be reset?
Tomb Adventuring Doom or riches? Will your Sim trigger a trap or strike it rich?
Transfiguration How to merge gems and rocks with the large display cases.
Traveling So where does your Sim want to go and how do they get there?


Consignments Sell your junk.. er... place the fine art you've created on sale at the local consignment store.
Inventing Invent widgets and robots, then travel back in time!
Laundry Install a washing machine and dryer or clothes line.
Professions Architect/Designer, Daycare, Doctor, Firefighter, Ghost Hunter, Private Investigator, Stylist, become a professional inventor, or rearrange furniture... for a living!
Skill Careers Use your sim's hard earned skills to make money and be recognized.
Sculpting Mold, cut, torch, chisel, and saw your way to the top!
Sim Bot It's alive!
Stylist Have at it beautifying or creating disasters on your neighbor's hair and makup.
Tatoo System Make your missteaks permanent! Permanently Inkify victim sims who will pay you for your efforts!
Twinbrook Will you build your home high and dry or down in the mosquito infested swampyland where you will be precisely situated to drown if the dam breaks?

    Late Night

Apartments Get offa my....door stoop?
Bands Maybe if we play really, really loud people will think we are good.
Bridgeport The new hustle and bustle of Late Night in downtown Bridgeport. Live in penthouses pampered by butlers or in low-end housing along with the rest of the rat race.
Butlers Hire a butler to take care of your lazy sims households.
Celebrities Just robbery, Miss Hilton? You'll only serve 5 days for that!
Mixology Bottoms up!
Vampires No, they don't sparkle…


After School Activities Keep your offspring busy!
Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties Currently engaged sims can throw a bachelor/bachelorette party!
Boarding Schools Get rid of your children and/or teenagers while securing them a good education!
Chemistry Creations Your junior Einsteins can now create new potions and blow themselves up safely at home!
Imaginary Friends A little bit creepy, a little bit cute.
Midlife Crisis When entering adult life a sim may experience a mid-life crisis on their birthday.
Pranks and Booby Traps Child and teen sims can play pranks on hapless victims..
Prom Send your sims off to the greatest high school social event of the educational lifetrack - the PROM!
Punishment Are your sim children being naughty? staying out late? Playing hooky? Now you can scold or ground them.


Adopting Daww it's so cute, can we keep it?!
Appaloosa Plains Let your horses and unicorns run rampant all over town!
Breeding Pets When a mommy pet loves a daddy pet very much they'll want to start a family.
Equestrian Center The place to race, breed and exhibit your horses.
Fleas Yep, Now you too can catch pesky fleas from your dear pets.
Hunting Send your pets to find rare collectibles!
Minor Pets Lizards, snakes, rodents, birds, and more!


Acrobat Acrobat career for athletic sims.
Magician Perform magic and illusions for your audiences.
Setting up the Stage Create custom stage setups before your shows start.
SimFest talent Shows for Magicians, Acrobats and Singers..
Simport Swap your sims with other players - send your sims on tours and host your friend's sims.
Singer Vocally talented sims can make it big!
Starlight Shores This is the showplace for all your ambitious, creative simmies to show off. Plenty of venues and stages.
Venues All the types of places to show off your Simmies' talents.


Create Supernatural Beings Create supernatural beings from menacing werewolves and cackling witches, to mischievous fairies, create undead Zombies and more intriguing vampires and then Play as a supernatural Sims
Elixirs and Spells Stalk the night, use your wand to cast spells, claw the furniture and more. You can mix dozens of elixirs that can turn Sims into zombies or transform them into gold. Share your enchanted brews with any friends who have The Sims 3! Hone your magical crafts and share the enchantment: Learn to cast spells and find rare ingredients to brew elixirs, so you can charm or hex your Sims’ lives. Send your magical elixirs to any of your friends’ games who have The Sims 3.
Supernatural Items Discover supernatural items: Race around the arena on your broomstick, visit the gypsy caravan, or preen in front of your magic mirror. Even awaken the classic character of Bonehilda, the quirky skeletal maid. Tons of new enchanted objects.
Moonlight Falls Explore the town of Moonlight Falls where strange things happen by the light of the moon. Discover what mysteries and abilities are revealed by the light of the full moon. Will your Sims freak out or become more powerful?
Fairies Fairies are mystical and whimsical Sims that adore nature.
Mystic Fortune Teller career Your Sims can hone their psychic abilities and build a career as mystic fortune teller.
Zombies Mix a special elixir to create shuffling, brain-hungry monsters of your very own. Chomp on other Sims to spread the love and wreak havoc. Don’t fret, you can always concoct an elixir to change your Sims back.


Weather Effects Experience the joy and challenge of changing weather: New weather effects and Sim reactions capture the power and beauty of nature! Sims can get a tan, be struck by lightning, or catch a cold!
New Activities Let your Sims swim in the ocean on a hot summer day, bob for apples in the autumn leaves, test their snowboarding skill on the half pipe,play soccer, or welcome spring showers with a walk in the rain and a colorful umbrella. Delight your Sims with new activities for every season: Whether building an intimate igloo, carving a scary Jack o’ lantern, taking a plunge off the diving board, or setting off all-new fireworks, your Sim can always find new things to do throughout the year.
Seasonal Festivals Join the fun with seasonal festivals: Sims can get in a snowball fight at the annual winter festival, get their faces painted at the summer festival, whoop it up at the spring dance, or bob for apples during the fall festival.
Seasonal Clothing New outfits for every season, winter wear, rain gear, sizzling summer fashions, Halloween costumes and more!
SunlitTides Seasons' world - A modern downtown gives way to a lush jungle sprinkled with exotic bungalows and waterfront vacation homes nestled between the gentle waves of the ocean and a sun kissed lagoon. Enjoy a picnic on the beach, plan a secret rendezvous at an island waterfall, or cozy up to a loved one in the shade of a palm tree and watch the sun sink into the sea. Will your Sims find true love, or just have fun trying?
UFOs Welcome mysterious visitors: New weather patterns aren’t the only things appearing in the sky! Befriend an alien visitor and use their UFO to abduct a neighbor, invade a community lot, or travel to the stars

    Worlds from EA

Appaloosa Plains Run your wild horses anywhere in town. Pets
Barnacle Bay Pirates Ahoy - Available from EA store
Bridgeport Late Night's downtown world
Hidden Springs Nice town with plenty of space. Comes with Leon's Fountain of Youth - Available from EA store
Lucky Palms Dry red desert world suitable for a gambling mecca - Comes with wishing well - Available from EA store
Lunar Lakes Alien world with cool weird trees. Comes with the Tree of Prosperity - available from EA store
Moonlight Falls Supernatural's world
Riverview Second EA world Available from EA store
Starlight Shores Showtime's venue extravaganza world!
SunlitTides Seasons - A modern downtown gives way to a lush jungle sprinkled with exotic bungalows and waterfront vacation homes nestled between the gentle waves of the ocean and a sun kissed lagoon. Enjoy a picnic on the beach, plan a secret rendezvous at an island waterfall, or cozy up to a loved one in the shade of a palm tree and watch the sun sink into the sea. Will your Sims find true love, or just have fun trying?
Sunset Valley The Sims 3 original world
TwinBrook Ambitions - life above or below the dam. You choose.

Sims 3 Game Help Categories:

Custom Content  | Installation  | Gameplay Guides  | Technical & Graphics Issues  | Miscellaneous Issues

MTS Help Q&A Forums
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