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Current Versions

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See the Patch Table for previous versions and click this to find your GameVersion.

  • Patch 1.24.3 - released on Jul 26, 2011.
  • Incremental links removed due to "Invalid File Error" issue.
    Jeez, people! If the incremental patch don't work, use SuperPatcher as indicated. Since some people need hand-holding and cannot make decisions when given choices, I'm making a unilateral decision and make the choice for you. Links to incremental patches now removed!
    ~ ellaCharm3d 00:38, 28 July 2011 (EDT)
  • No links yet for EPs & SPs.
  • Based on this Changes from SOP starting from 1.22 note, looks like there won't be any separate patches for any packs anymore. So what does this mean? The skuversion.txt of your EPs and SPs would show the last patch you applied to it, or its original retail version. For example, my Generations is at "GameVersion =". But, Launcher will tag on the level numbers so it becomes "" in the Launcher screen ("" if you have Town Life), to match the base game's level.
  • Version.tag would show your true Base Game's gameversion, ie
LatestBase =

which would match your Base Game's icon in Launcher when you hover over it and your skuversion.txt file. To verify the patch really did update your game and completes the full process, you can verify that all versions in these 3 different areas are identical: Version tag == Launcher's BG icon == BG's skuversion.txt (info.plist for Mac OS X)

  • Town Life's retail disc has a base game patch version at, which you can totally skip if you download the SuperPatcher and update base game to 1.24, before installing Town Life Stuff.

Base The Sims 3 (Retail version 1.0.631)

Patch 1.24.3 - (Patch Notes)

Region 1 - Americas Region 2 - Worldwide Region 3 - Asian Region 5 - Japanese Region 7 - Digital Download
SuperPatcher, for All Regions [@650 MB]

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