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    ... Helpful information regarding the aspects and gameplay of The Sims 4


Cheats The game's cheats, with instructions and descriptions on how to use them.
Tips, Tricks and Bugs Tips, Tricks and Bugs that make the game more fun!


Creating Sims Create A Sim has been rebuilt to give you a deeper connection to your Sims.
Cow Plant Find and grow your own Cow Plant
Hidden Lots There are 4 hidden lots. Two in the in the base game and one each in Outdoor Retreat and Get to Work.
VooDoo Doll Annoy your neighbors with the Awesome VooDoo Doll!

    Base Game

Achievers Complete multiple Aspirations, satisfy whims, and focus on Career progression to earn Satisfaction points..
Aspirations Aspirations are life-long goals. See which ones area available in Sims 4
Build Mode There's a whole new way to build - room by room.
Careers There are 13 Careers between Adults and Teens
Emotions There are 15 Emotions
Fishing What kinds of fish are in Sims 4?
Gallery The 'Exchange' of old is now integrated into your game
Life Life at your fingertips
Skills There are 23 skills between Adults and Children
Smarter Smarter Sims
Toddlers Toddlers finally added to base game in Jan. 2017.
Traits 35 Personality Traits
Worlds Travel between worlds easily. There are 2 worlds to get you started.

    Expansion Packs

    ... Cities, Jobs and Clubbing around.

    City Living

City Living Take your sims to the city and explore everything it has to offer!

    Get Together

Get Together Create and join unique clubs where you set the rules and live it up in a beautiful new world.

    Get To Work

Get To Work Become a daring Doctor, fearless Detective, mad Scientist or create your own retail business!
TS4 Aliens Sixam, Aliens, abductions and alien pregnancy.

    Game Packs

    ... Places to go, new things to do and life changing events to look forward to or, to avoid at all costs.

    Dine Out

Dine Out Like to Cook and boss people around? Buy your own restaurant and become the place to go.

    Outdoor Retreat

Outdoor Retreat Time to go on Vacation in Granite Falls.

    Spa Day

Spa Day Unwind, get a massage and contemplate your neighbor's navel.


Sims 4 Vampires It was a nice, balmy evening. You were hanging out, having a drink, enjoying yourself and ... you don't really remember much after that... And here you thought that was a big mosquito that bit you. Nope! You're a vampire now!

    Stuff Packs

    ... New Goodies for your game and new things to do.

    Backyard Stuff

    Cool Kitchen Stuff

    Kids Room Stuff

    Luxury Party Stuff

    Movie Hangout Stuff

    Perfect Patio Stuff

    Romantic Garden Stuff

    Spooky Stuff

    Vintage Glamour Stuff

Sims 4 Game Help Categories:

Custom Content  | Installation  | Gameplay Guides  | Technical & Graphics Issues  | Miscellaneous Issues

MTS Help Q&A Forums
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