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===Oasis Springs===
===Oasis Springs===
[[Image:OasisSpringsThumb.jpg|150px|thumb|left|Oasis Springs Game Selection thumb]][[Image:OasisSprings.jpg|200px|thumb|right|Oasis Springs World Map]]
* 5 neighborhoods
* 5 neighborhoods
* 16 residential lots
* 16 residential lots
* 1 hidden lot
* 1 hidden lot
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[[File:OasisSpringsThumb.jpg|150px|thumb|left|Oasis Springs Game Selection thumb]][[File:OasisSprings.jpg|200px|thumb|right|Oasis Springs World Map]]
===Willow Creek===
===Willow Creek===

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There are 2 worlds in the base game to get you started.

Oasis Springs

Oasis Springs Game Selection thumb
Oasis Springs World Map

  • 5 neighborhoods
  • 16 residential lots
  • 1 hidden lot

Willow Creek

  • 5 neighborhoods
  • 16 residential lots
  • 1 hidden lot
Willow Creek Game Selection thumb
Willow Creek World map

And, more worlds with Expansion and Stuff Pack releases


And one Destination World so far.

Granite Falls

Granite Falls is the vacation destination

  • 4 Lots
  • 1 Campground
  • Granite Falls National Park campground - 3 camp sites and 1 Ranger Station
  • 1 Hidden destination - Hermit's house
Granite Falls Game Selection thumb
Granite Falls Destination World map

Magnolia Promenade

Your Sims retail destination

  • 4 Retail lots

Magnolia Game Selection thumb
Magnolia world map

Forgotten Hollow


Forgotten Hollow Game Selection thumb
Forgotten Hollow World Map


No Occupied lots! an Blank world for you to build in.

Newcrest Game Selection thumb
Newcrest World map

San Myshuno - City Living

SanMyshuno Game Selection thumb
SanMyshuno World map


Tudor style post and beam construction

Windenburg Game Selection thumb
Windenburg World map
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