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Trouble getting good / great /dream dates


  • You go on a date, but stall out and run out of time before getting the quality of date you want to have.


  • You get a better date by filling wants. The majority of the time for the majority of sims, the sim you are playing will get a lot of date-related wants. Lock any big ones, and try to fill the faster-to-fill ones early to get more time on the date. Fill the ones that take longer mostly just when you need to reroll the wants.
  • You can also see the wants your date has. Go the the date picture in the upper right hand corner of the screen. There will be a symbol of your date's aspiration with an arrow. Click on the arrow and you will see your date's wants. You get date credit for filling these wants, too. And, you can lock a want your date has by right clicking on it just like you can lock your own wants.
  • Remember that sometimes dates just won't quite work out to be dream dates. You may not start out knowing the sim well enough, have good enough chemistry or have the luck to get wants that are fillable on the date in a reasonable time. But with a little practice, most dates for most sims should start turning out as great dates or dream dates.
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