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Hello, you've reached JLonier's PM Catcher System. Thank you for taking the time to contact me. :) At this time I am in the process of relocating from one country to another. Therefore I am unavailable until further notice. All of my moderation responsibilities have been temporarily taken over by other moderators so nothing has been left hanging.  :) I will be still be in touch with Delphy and HystericalParoxysm during the transition and will occasionally check my PM's, but I cannot guarantee any sort of a timely response should you choose to send me a message.

If you're contacting me for any of the following reasons, please click the appropriate link.

Moderation Queue

For questions about a thread you've submitted to the moderation queue, please post in the Creator Issues forum. All moderators who are responsible for the queue check there often. A list of who does what is not and never will be made available so this is the best place to ask.

User Harassment

If you've received a private message that violates our PM guidelines, please forward the message to a site administrator along with an explanation of what has transpired, if appropriate.

Bad Posts

If you've noticed a post that violates any of the site rules or is just something you'd like to bring to our attention, please use the reporting system. On upload threads it says, "Report if this download breaks site rules" and on regular posts it'll say, "Report this post". We have staff all over the globe so action will often be much faster using the reporting system rather than an individual moderator.

Game Help

For game help questions, please post in the Game Helpforum AFTER you do all the steps in the FAQ you're linked to prior to posting. 98% of game problems are actually fixed by that FAQ.

Where Can I Find=

Please, please, please do not contact any member of staff asking where to find any type of custom content. Instead use the Where Can I Find forum on S2C (separate registration required). There is a group of dedicated individuals who hang out there answering WCIF questions all day every day.


I do not take requests and in fact haven't created anything in ages. Everything I do (walls, floors, and recolours) is easy enough to learn to do yourself.  :) Honestly. Check out our extensive tutorial forum to learn how to do these things yourself. That's how I learned. Should you have questions about any of our tutorials you can post in the appropriate thread or log on to our Live Creator Chat (make sure you read the rules) to discuss your project. Normally I am always logged in to chat, but so are Delphy, HP, and Tig as well as other creators who are not staff. Please DO NOT log in with any questions that are not related to creating custom content. If no one is actively chatting about creating you're welcome to chit chat, but normally that's reserved for the #social chat.

Terms of Use

My terms of use are very simple. Do with my creations whatever you like it's on your conscience not mine. Anything I've done may be included in any lot regardless of whether or not you upload it to MTS2. Credit and/or a link back is never required.

Finally... contact me

If you still need/want to private message me feel free. :) Just remember that I'm AFK until further notice.

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