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All categories with a group listed were introduced in [[The Sims 2]].
All categories with a group listed were introduced in [[The Sims 2]].

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This is a list of SemiGlobal groups.

Group Description Category Notes
7FE6EE0D Accessory
7F9A625F Aquarium 0x5D
7FC026B4 Art
7FAF5F74 Aspiration (Cool Shades)
7F8FA50E Aspiration (Hat)
7F67FE05 Bar 0x3C
7F4437F2 Bed 0x4
7F327BCE Bookcase 0x14
7FE64A8D Book
7FF9DF6B Buffet
7FD0A90D Cake
7F7A8450 Career (Finger Print)
7F8C6EDA Career (Candy Factory)
7F4EA230 Car
Car (New)
7FDE81DC Cash Register
7F0B61F3 Chair
7FA1DF44 Chess 0x2B
7FB01AF3 Clock Alarm
7F48AF7A Clothing Booth 0x34
7F2FEFCC Coffee Machine
7F441294 Computer 0x1E
7F074B38 Conversation Personality
7F12A804 Counter 0x12
7F890CAC Crib
7F3B9D51 Curtain
7F496A24 Dance
7F026EBD Dartboard
7FA815EA Desk 0x33
7F6E333B Dishwasher 0x47
7F545E8D Doll House
7FD0DEBA Door (New) 0x1A
7FF941DF Emitter 0x30
7F9AB517 Exercise Machine
7FFD4F2D Fireplace 0x58
7FCFF92E Flamingo
7F8A5209 Flower 0x35
7F3C9675 Food 0x24


7F347DAB Food Container 0x4E
7F8834C8 Food Dish 0x25
7F70D280 Food Display
7F23B01B Food Processor 0x41
7F9A5330 Fridge 0x18
7F6E998E Grandfather Clock 0x31
7F83411E High Chair 0x4C
7F7FA83D Idle 0x19
7F8F4EB6 Job Data 0x20
7F8F4EB6 Job Data School 0x20
7F60C397 Lamp 0x17
7F0136DC Lot Transition
7F20C1E4 Magazine
7F3A03A4 Mail Box
7F575EBF Memory
7FE1C9FB Microwave 0x3F
7F84A9F4 Mirror 0x3B
7F18E0F0 Painting
7F553580 Personality
7F01EC29 Person
7FBD3903 Phone Call 0x29
7FB208FA Phone
7FA53DF6 Piano 0x60
7FC9DC08 Pinball machine 0x59
7F48CA31 Plant
7F48CA31 Pool
7F293E85 Puddle 0x37
7F7BA762 Reaction
7FA6640C Remote Control Car 0x1B
7FEC2140 Roach
7F5BB15F Route Behavior 0x4F
7FE10572 Shopping Rack 0x48


7F1A9ECC Shrub 0x53
7FD2752D Sign
7F7638B3 Sink 0x1C
7FD90EDB Social 0x0C
7F675EF2 Social Marker
7FAE06B0 Sofa 0x11
7F8B4A08 Sofa Social
7F117CD9 Stair (Modular) 0x13
7F0C60C8 Stairs (Straight) 0x9
7F4F06CA Stereo 0x32
7F033984 Stove 0x3A
7FDA22BB Stove Grill 0x3E
7FDB80FC Stuffed Animal
7F85C391 Table (Coffee) 0x21
7F7234D0 Table (Dinning) 0x23
7FD178FF Table (End) 0x22
7FFEA664 Telescope 0x5E
7FE69D2A Television Channel 0x1D
7F92832C Television 0x0A
7FD3AF67 Thought
7F7D730B Toaster Oven 0x40
7F1059B4 Toasting Set
42484156 Toilet 0x05
7F277790 Toybox
7F119F0A Toybox Toys 0x1B
7F28EEB6 Toy Language
7F39D7FB Toy Xylophone
7FA3FCFE Trash 0x46
7F6B7BD0 Tree 0x52
7FACC12B Trigger Handler
7FE69E23 Tub and Shower 0x06
7F63E3F2 Tutorial Scripting
7F38B8A7 Urn Stone 0x57
7F0B2AE7 Video Game (CD) 0x5A
7F9A5831 Video Game (Controller)
7F61CD20 Video Game
7F62606D Weather
7FF616D0 Window 0x16
0x7FEB25E9 WishingWellGlobals
0x7FB22737 WitchGlobals

All categories with a group listed were introduced in The Sims 2.

For more information on categories, please see Object Categories. For more information on a specific category, please see List of Object Categories.

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