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ModtheSims2 Live Chat

MTS2 hosts an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server. It is a text-based chat system with different themes to its rooms. People from around the world can gather to talk about all different subjects.

Chat Rules and Guidelines

Before you enter the chat, you must read and agree to follow these rules:

  • Age Restriction (13+): You MUST be over the age of 13 to use MTS2 and the sites' live chat. Leave immediately if you are 12 years of age or under.
  • No Warez: No discussion, linking, or trading of software or intellectual property if you do not own a legitimate, legal copy. Warez trafficking endangers this server's connection. No discussion of no-cd cracks whatsoever. Do not ask people for registration codes or redistributed files.
  • No Porn: No linking of adult material, no cybering or raunchiness in the main channel. While we're not prudes, minors may be present, and we're not in the business of irritating parents.
  • New Channels: Only MTS2 staff or other Sims 2 site owners may own channels. Users may have their own channel as long as they contact a member of staff for permission and abide by server rules. All other channels will be closed.
  • Private Messaging: Do not PM (private message) people without asking permission in the channel first. This is a common courtesy and a rule on our server.
  • Intelligent Typing: No spamming (saying the same thing over and over), advertising (posting your site address to get people to visit), scrolling (typing a few characters per line filling up the screen with just you talking), shouting (ALL CAPS), leetspeak/chatspeak (r u sum1 ppl m8 ne1 o y evry1, etc.), idiotspeak (OmG i jUsT fOunD tHe ShIfT kEy), attitudes, or slandering people. No e-thuggery, jackassery, or mock violence. You don't need to have perfect spelling or grammar, just type like you have half a brain.
  • English Only: Please type in English in public channels in our chat. Again, we don't require perfection, just make an effort.
  • The Bots: We have two bots, Chii and Pillze, who, among other things, "serve drinks" to chatters. Do not abuse the bot commands (!coffee, etc). They're there for a little amusement, but the bots need rest too.
  • Be Yourself: No impersonating ANYONE else. This means MTS2 staff, community members and creators, other chatters, your brother, your cousin, or your dog. We have ways of checking and you'll just look stupid.
  • The Bosses of You: Respect the channel operators - anyone with a ~, &, @, or % is a staff member (site and/or chat) and if they tell you to stop doing something or to do something, then obey them - they have the power to remove you from chat if you don't listen and follow the rules. Do not ask for ops, and please allow staff to handle issues - we don't need everyone in chat jumping on someone for a rule infraction.
  • No Game Help! We do not have a chat room for live help with Sims 2 not working/not working correctly. Please do not ask for game help in #social or #create - you will just be told the same thing here and no help will be given! All game help is conducted in MTS2's Game Help section. Please read the FAQs there and try what they say to do - if you still need help there is a link at the bottom of that page where you can ask questions in the forums. Again, do not ask for game help in #social or #create!

If you have read EVERYTHING above and you agree to follow those rules, then you can click one of the below links to join the chat using the Java client:

Click here to join the #social chat.

For general social chat about all manner of topics - not neccesarily (or even very often) Sims 2 related. Again, this chat is not for game help. See above if you have problems with your game!

Click here to join the #create chat.

To get assistance and talk about creating with other creators of all skill levels. This chat is -only- for creation-related help and talk - see above if you have problems with your game!

Alternatively, if you've been using the chat for a while and want to setup an IRC client (which is a seperate, more flexible application you can use instead of the basic java applet), then it's recommended you use the free Silverex build of XChat. We have instructions on configuring XChat, mIRC, Trillian Basic, and Chatzilla.

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