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How to .rar or .zip Your Custom Content Files

This is a short tutorial to show you how to compress your files for upload. We highly recomend downlaoding the WinRar program. It's a great utility that handles both .rar and .zip files.

Step 1

Find the file you created. Clothing will be in saved sims. Not projects. Select the .package or sims2pack file you wish to compress. RIGHT CLICK on the file and a drop down menu will appear. Select ADD TO ARCHIVE. A box will open up. Here you can select to compress your file as a .zip or a .rar. You may also rename your .zip or .rar here as well.

Step 2

Select OK.

Congratulations! Your new compressed and ready to upload file will be in the folder with the original file. This is the file you upload. And thats all folks.


Delphy for the original article.

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