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Creator Guidelines - Careers

Creating a custom career involves a lot of writing and a fair amount of creativity. As such it's a shame to let all that effort go to waste - so it's important that you ensure your upload meets the following criteria for approval; otherwise you'll just end up depriving downloaders of what may be a brilliantly written career due to mere technical details.



Custom careers must not overwrite Maxis ones. It's a simple rule, but may not always be obvious to beginning creators. Please note that your career does not replace any existing careers.

Quality of Writing

Text is the main part of a career, as such it needs to be as close to perfect as possible. All text - job levels, job descriptions, and chance cards - must be triple checked for spelling and grammar; and must make general logical sense. Make sure you change the pronouns in male and female versions, and be careful in your use of $Me.

Job Pay

Unless your career is specifically meant to be unrealistic, make pay levels congruent with the pay of EA careers. A table of the basegame career wages is available here for comparison.

Custom Icons

Custom icons: Are required.


Required Images

You must attach your career's icon; - the icon is usually the best choice for default thumbnail, too. You may also include ingame pictures such as the carpool, uniform, a particular chance card/job description/promotion bubble: however these are not required.


Zip, Rar, or 7z
To upload your file(s) to MTS, you will need to compress them into an archive file, which makes them smaller and allows you to include many files in one download. The archive file formats we currently accept are .zip, .rar, and .7z.

For instructions on compressing your files into an archive, please see: Creator Guidelines: Creating Archive Files.

  • Do not include multiple archives with the same contents - that is, please don't put your files in both a .zip as well as a .rar because some people only want .zip files. Choose one format.
  • Do not double-compress your files... a .rar file inside another .rar file (or any other archive inside another) doesn't compress it anymore, and it makes it so we can't see the contents without downloading, and also just makes an extra step for the people downloading.
  • The file size limit on MTS is 50 mb. If you exceed this limit you will need to split your archives. This should probably never come up except for large worlds for The Sims 3, or huge sets of smaller items.
Patch required?
Certain coding is changed with patch versions, which may render previously-working items broken. You may also need a certain patch and later to use certain features. This is especially applicable to modded objects that have extra scripting, but may also apply to features added in later patches such as additional sliders in Create-a-Sim, new build tools, or other features.

If a particular patch level is required for your creation, make sure to state it in the text of your post! Even just indicating that you always run your game updated and will only be creating items that work with the latest-released patches is enough - at least people know then that they need to be updated too.

Required Information

Information: Your upload post must tell us the following:

  • Rabbithole job is assigned to
  • Opportunities
  • Work Tones
  • Join Text
  • All job titles
  • All job descriptions
  • All wages
  • All work days
The easiest way to present the last of these is something like this:
Talking Example - §200 - M, W, Th, F, Sa
Your job is simple. You sit in a wiki article, reading yourself to passers-by. This description would include brief mention of your promotion prospects; but really, from here, where can you go but up?

Additional Stuff

  • If your upload is rejected or marked as changes required and you're not sure why, ask in Creator Issues.
  • If you're not sure whether your neighborhood is ready for uploading, use the Creator Feedback Forum to get feedback on it.
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