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Welcome to the Sims2Wiki,
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Important Info Regarding "Sims Show" Pages

Sims 2 Wiki staff have noticed a rash of "sims big brother" and "sims top model" type pages. Effective immediately, ALL pages of this type must:
  • Be in the "Sims Show" category - that is, links must start with Sims Show: - do not put these on user pages or anywhere else on the site.
  • Limited to a reasonable number of edits. If you need to edit more than one section, use the "Edit" tab at the top of the page. Use the preview button - edit spam will not be tolerated! Multiple edits within a few minutes for these types of pages is not okay - it spams up recent changes and makes it hard to scan for problem edits on the rest of the wiki. Plus it's just unnecessary.

We will continue hosting pages of this type only if the guidelines above are met. If this continues, we will be removing pages of this type and not allowing any more. Creators of these pages have been warned and seem to be disregarding the warnings - take heed, or see your work disappear.

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The Wiki is a repository of knowledge in the general Sims community, created in order to keep this knowledge free and accessible to all. We also have a history of the people and events involved.

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