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Welcome to the Sims Wiki,
There are currently 1,230 articles

User Prune

Today I have pruned any registered users who have no contributions here on the Wiki. Please only register an account if you intend to make active contributions to the pages here. From now on, non-contribution accounts will be removed. Thank you. Delphy 09:23, 28 June 2009 (CDT)

Wiki news

  • The Sims Medieval modding section added. Medieval:Modding 14 May 2013
  • New Sims 3 Modding section opened. Sims 3:Modding 22 August 2009
  • Sims2Wiki renamed to SimsWiki. 16 August 2009
  • Sims 3 section is now added: Sims 3:Main Page 5th June 2009
  • Opened new Game Help section, for Gameplay Guides, FAQs and more. 27 September 2007
  • New logo added. 3 February 2007
  • Sims2Wiki is moved to the MTS2 cluster for work in integrating into MTS2 itself. 8 January 2007
  • MTS2Wiki renamed to Sims2Wiki and a new URL, 12 June 2006
  • MTS2Wiki launched. 12 June 2006

About the wiki

The Wiki is a repository of knowledge in the general Sims community, created in order to keep this knowledge free and accessible to all. We also have a history of the people and events involved.

Register an account, log in, take a quick look at our tips and tricks, and get to editing!

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