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See also: 4F424A44


Offset Size Description
0x000 64 Filename (null terminated)
0x040 4 Version (139 TS2, 140 TS2U)
0x044 2 Initial Stack Size
0x046 2 Default Wall Adjacent Flags
0x048 2 Default Placement Flags
0x04A 2 Default Wall Placement Flags (null)
0x04C 2 Default Allowed Height Flags (null)
0x04E 2 Interaction Table ID Pointer to the TTAB interaction information (a value of 1 for objects with no interactions)
0x050 2 Interaction Group (null)
0x052 2 Type Type of object (a buyable object has value 4)
0x054 2 Multi-Tile master id (null)
0x056 2 Multi-Tile sub index (null)
0x058 2 Use Default Placement flags (null)
0x05A 2 Look At Score
0x05C 4 GUID A unique ID number for each object. May also be a Sim ID (you can find this value in the Neighborhood FAMI and 0xAACE2EFB files)
0x060 2 Item Is Unlockable
0x062 2 Catalog Use Flags (null)
0x064 2 Price The price of the object
0x066 2 Body strings ID Pointer to STR# resource for sims (null for objects)
0x068 2 Slot ID Pointer to a SLOT resource
0x06A 4 Diagonal selector GUID (GUID of Diagonal placement object - If object has a diagonal placement option - 0x00000000 (or 0x00000001 ?) if not)
0x06E 4 Grid-aligned selector GUID (GUID of 'normal' placement object - Only used if this object is a diagonal placement option - 0x00000000 (or 0x00000001 ?) if not)
0x072 2 Object ownership flags (null or 1)
0x074 2 Ignore GlobalSim field in CAS Lot (null)
0x076 2 Cannot Move Out With (null)
0x078 2 Hauntable (null)
0x07A 4 Proxy GUID
0x07E 2 Slot group (null)
0x080 2 Aspiration Flags (null)
0x082 2 Memory Nice/Bad (null)
0x084 2 Sale Price Different for each type of removal? (Some have a value, trees have null)
0x086 2 Initial depreciation Sale price loss after first day of purchase
0x088 2 Daily depreciation Loss of sale price after each successive day
0x08A 2 Self depreciating Has a value if the object calculates its own depreciation, null if the game calculates it
0x08C 2 Depreciation limit The lowest price the object can be sold for
0x08E 2 Room sort flags The room category (bit0=Kitchen, bit1=Bedroom, bit2=Bathroom, bit3=Family Room, bit4=Outside, bit5=Dining Room, bit6=Misc, bit7=Study)
0x090 2 Function sort flags The object type (bit0=Seating, bit1=Surfaces, bit2=Appliances, bit3=Electronics, bit4=Plumbing, bit5=Decorative, bit6=General, bit7=Lighting)
0x092 2 Catalog strings ID Pointer to the objects CTSS catalog details
0x094 2 Is global sim object (null)
0x096 2 ToolTip Name Type - 0 default (null)
0x098 2 Template Version (null)
0x09A 2 Niceness Multiplier (variable)
0x09C 2 No Duplicate On Placement (null)
0x09E 2 Want Category (variable)
0x0A0 2 No New Name from Template (null)
0x0A2 2 Object version (null)
0x0A4 2 Default Thumbnail ID (null)
0x0A6 2 Motive effects ID (null)
0x0A8 4 Job Object GUID
0x0AC 2 Catalog popup ID (null)
0x0AE 2 Ignore Current Model Index In Icons (null)
0x0B0 2 Level offset (null)
0x0B2 2 Shadow type Object has a shadow? (null

if no shadow, FFFF if has a shadow)

0x0B4 2 Num attributes (variable)
0x0B6 2 Number of object arrays (variable)
0x0B8 2 Unused
0x0BA 2 Front direction (null)
0x0BC 2 Unused
0x0BE 2 Multi-tile lead object (null)
0x0C0 2 Expansion Flag (1 = TS2, 2 = Uni, 4 = NL, 8 = OfB, 16 = FFS, 32 = GLS, 64 = Pets) - Used by the game to determine what expansion an object requires and will display (or not display) the object in the user's catalog depending on what expansions they have. (Was previously labeled as Unused - dynamic sprites base id (Sims1))
0x0C2 2 Unused - num dynamic sprites (Sims1)
0x0C4 2 Chair entry flags So you enter the chair from the correct side (null)
0x0C6 2 Tile width (null)
0x0C8 2 Inhibit suit copying (null)
0x0CA 2 Build mode type The build mode type (1=door,2=window,3=stair,4=plant,5=fireplace,6=column,7=pool)
0x0CC 4 Original GUID Unique ID of the source object, ie

the object this one was based off

0x0D0 4 Object model GUID
0x0D4 2 Build Mode Subsort (null)
0x0D6 2 Unused - thumbnail graphic (Sims1)
0x0D8 2 Unused - shadow flags (Sims1)
0x0DA 2 Footprint mask (null)
0x0DC 2 Unused
0x0DE 2 Unused - shadow brightness (Sims1)
0x0E0 2 Unused
0x0E2 2 Unused - wall style sprite id (Sims1)
0x0E4 2 Hunger rating (null)
0x0E6 2 Comfort rating (null)
0x0E8 2 Hygiene rating (null)
0x0EA 2 Bladder rating (null)
0x0EC 2 Energy rating (null)
0x0EE 2 Fun rating (null)
0x0F0 2 Room rating (null)
0x0F2 2 Skill Flags The skills this object gives (bit0=Cleaning, bit1=Cooking, bit2=Mechanical, bit3=Logic, bit4=Body, bit5=Creativity, bit6=Charisma, bit7=School Study?)
0x0F4 2 Num type attributes (Some have 3, trees have null)
0x0F6 2 Misc flags (Some have 16, trees have null)
0x0F8 4 Unused - type attr guid (Sims1)
0x0FC 2 Function Sub-Sort Sub-type of the object eg. Electronic sub-sort are entertainment, video, audio, phone (bit1=first, bit2=second,...bit8=last)
0x0FE 2 Downtown Sort (null)
0x100 2 Keep Buying (null)
0x102 2 Vacation Sort (null)
0x104 2 Reset Lot Action (null)
0x106 2 3D Object Type
0x108 2 Community Sort Community categories (bit0=, bit1=,

bit2=, bit3=, bit4=, bit5=, bit6=, bit7=)

0x10A 2 Dream Flags (null)
0x10C 12 unused, reserved
0x118 * Filename (Pascal string with first 4 bytes as length)
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