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See also: 4F424A44


Offset Size Description
0x000 64 Filename (null terminated)
0x040 4 Version (139 TS2, 140 TS2U)
0x044 2 Initial Stack Size
0x046 2 Default Wall Adjacent Flags
0x048 2 Default Placement Flags
0x04A 2 Default Wall Placement Flags (null)
0x04C 2 Default Allowed Height Flags (null)
0x04E 2 Interaction Table ID Pointer to the TTAB interaction information (a value of 1 for objects with no interactions)
0x050 2 Interaction Group (null)
0x052 2 Type Type of object (a buyable object has value 4)
0x054 2 Multi-Tile master id (null)
0x056 2 Multi-Tile sub index (null)
0x058 2 Use Default Placement flags (null)
0x05A 2 Look At Score
0x05C 4 GUID A unique ID number for each object. May also be a Sim ID (you can find this value in the Neighborhood FAMI and 0xAACE2EFB files)
0x060 2 Item Is Unlockable
0x062 2 Catalog Use Flags (null)
0x064 2 Price The price of the object
0x066 2 Body strings ID Pointer to STR# resource for sims (null for objects)
0x068 2 Slot ID Pointer to a SLOT resource
0x06A 4 Diagonal selector GUID (GUID of Diagonal placement object - If object has a diagonal placement option - 0x00000000 (or 0x00000001 ?) if not)
0x06E 4 Grid-aligned selector GUID (GUID of 'normal' placement object - Only used if this object is a diagonal placement option - 0x00000000 (or 0x00000001 ?) if not)
0x072 2 Object ownership flags (null or 1)
0x074 2 Ignore GlobalSim field in CAS Lot (null)
0x076 2 Cannot Move Out With (null)
0x078 2 Hauntable (null)
0x07A 4 Proxy GUID
0x07E 2 Slot group (null)
0x080 2 Aspiration Flags (null)
0x082 2 Memory Nice/Bad (null)
0x084 2 Sale Price Different for each type of removal? (Some have a value, trees have null)
0x086 2 Initial depreciation Sale price loss after first day of purchase
0x088 2 Daily depreciation Loss of sale price after each successive day
0x08A 2 Self depreciating Has a value if the object calculates its own depreciation, null if the game calculates it
0x08C 2 Depreciation limit The lowest price the object can be sold for
0x08E 2 Room sort flags The room category (bit0=Kitchen, bit1=Bedroom, bit2=Bathroom, bit3=Family Room, bit4=Outside, bit5=Dining Room, bit6=Misc, bit7=Study)
0x090 2 Function sort flags The object type (bit0=Seating, bit1=Surfaces, bit2=Appliances, bit3=Electronics, bit4=Plumbing, bit5=Decorative, bit6=General, bit7=Lighting)
0x092 2 Catalog strings ID Pointer to the objects CTSS catalog details
0x094 2 Is global sim object (null)
0x096 2 ToolTip Name Type - 0 default (null)
0x098 2 Template Version (null)
0x09A 2 Niceness Multiplier (variable)
0x09C 2 No Duplicate On Placement (null)
0x09E 2 Want Category (variable)
0x0A0 2 No New Name from Template (null)
0x0A2 2 Object version (null)
0x0A4 2 Default Thumbnail ID (null)
0x0A6 2 Motive effects ID (null)
0x0A8 4 Job Object GUID
0x0AC 2 Catalog popup ID (null)
0x0AE 2 Ignore Current Model Index In Icons (null)
0x0B0 2 Level offset (null)
0x0B2 2 Shadow type Object has a shadow? (null

if no shadow, FFFF if has a shadow)

0x0B4 2 Num attributes (variable)
0x0B6 2 Number of object arrays (variable)
0x0B8 2 Unused
0x0BA 2 Front direction (null)
0x0BC 2 Unused
0x0BE 2 Multi-tile lead object (null)
0x0C0 2 Unused - dynamic sprites base id (Sims1)
0x0C2 2 Unused - num dynamic sprites (Sims1)
0x0C4 2 Chair entry flags So you enter the chair from the correct side (null)
0x0C6 2 Tile width (null)
0x0C8 2 Inhibit suit copying (null)
0x0CA 2 Build mode type The build mode type (1=door,2=window,3=stair,4=plant,5=fireplace,6=column,7=pool)
0x0CC 4 Original GUID Unique ID of the source object, ie

the object this one was based off

0x0D0 4 Object model GUID
0x0D4 2 Build Mode Subsort (null)
0x0D6 2 Unused - thumbnail graphic (Sims1)
0x0D8 2 Unused - shadow flags (Sims1)
0x0DA 2 Footprint mask (null)
0x0DC 2 Unused
0x0DE 2 Unused - shadow brightness (Sims1)
0x0E0 2 Unused
0x0E2 2 Unused - wall style sprite id (Sims1)
0x0E4 2 Hunger rating (null)
0x0E6 2 Comfort rating (null)
0x0E8 2 Hygiene rating (null)
0x0EA 2 Bladder rating (null)
0x0EC 2 Energy rating (null)
0x0EE 2 Fun rating (null)
0x0F0 2 Room rating (null)
0x0F2 2 Skill Flags The skills this object gives (bit0=Cleaning, bit1=Cooking, bit2=Mechanical, bit3=Logic, bit4=Body, bit5=Creativity, bit6=Charisma, bit7=School Study?)
0x0F4 2 Num type attributes (Some have 3, trees have null)
0x0F6 2 Misc flags (Some have 16, trees have null)
0x0F8 4 Unused - type attr guid (Sims1)
0x0FC 2 Function Sub-Sort Sub-type of the object eg. Electronic sub-sort are entertainment, video, audio, phone (bit1=first, bit2=second,...bit8=last)
0x0FE 2 Downtown Sort (null)
0x100 2 Keep Buying (null)
0x102 2 Vacation Sort (null)
0x104 2 Reset Lot Action (null)
0x106 2 3D Object Type
0x108 2 Community Sort Community categories (bit0=, bit1=,

bit2=, bit3=, bit4=, bit5=, bit6=, bit7=)

0x10A 2 Dream Flags (null)
0x10C 12 unused, reserved
0x118 * Filename (Pascal string with first 4 bytes as length)
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