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How to add an event

Before you add an event, please first of all think about if it's important to the Sims 2 community as a whole. New tools, utilities, sites opening (large ones), and otherwise notable events are ok.

To add one, please use the Talk add section page to suggest an event. All events must be in the format:

Year Month

  • Date - [TYPE] Description here

Delphy 04:20, 3 May 2007 (CDT)

Some Other Programs

Here's some dates for the programs that I've made.

Dec 03 2004 - [T] Sims 2 Hack Scanner and Lister Released

May 16 2006 - [T] Sims 2 Collection Creator Released

Jul 20 2006 - [T] Sims 2 WTF (Wall Terrain and Floor) Editor Released

Oct 30 2006 - [T] Sims 2 Pets Custom Content Updater Released

Not sure if those are relevant enough, but, well, they're here anyhow now. :P

Other interesting thing that just came about:

May 04 2007 - [T] New DBPF Library Created by benrg at MATY (,8279.0.html )

--Jfade 22:24, 8 May 2007 (CDT)

Note: According to JMP, the founding date for MATY is July 14, 2005.

--AmberDiceless 20:09, 16 May 2007

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