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3D Meshing

3D Meshing is a comprehensive tutorial by Wes Howe, covering the concepts and principles of 3D meshing in general. It is not recommended for those who want a full mesh creation tutorial, as it doesn't cover the use of SimPE/CTU/S3PE (or any other tool) to create a functioning custom item for the sims games. It is probably best suited to those who have a basic grasp of the technical elements involved in creating in a new in-game item, but who want to improve their knowledge and understanding of meshing and meshing techniques.

This tutorial is written for Milkshape 3D, but the principles involved, particularly those in the later sections, can be applied in any 3D modelling program.

Part I: Terms and Concepts
The basic ideas and vocabulary you need to know to be able to grasp how 3D meshing works.
Part II: A Mesh
Constructing a basic mesh, and understanding what faces are and how they relate to vertices.
Part III: Textures and UVs
Applying textures to a mesh, and learning how which bit of the texture goes where is decided.
Part IV: The UV Map
More in-depth discussion on UV Maps, how they are constructed, and how they work.
Part V: Holy smoke, Joints!
How a skeleton is constructed, and how different parts of the mesh are assigned to different bones or joints.
Part VI: Ready, Set, Go!
Basic animation.
Part VII: Organic Modeling
Advanced animation, including how to assign parts of a mesh to several different bones (bone weighting) in order to achieve a smoother animation.
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