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It is best to read the Object Creation section before attempting Object Modding tutorials, as they will often assume familiarity with object structure which you learn in those tutorials.

There are three main categories of this section, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. If you are fairly new to Object Modding, then the best option is to take a look at the beginner section first, as some of the techniques used and explained in the Beginner section may be needed for more advanced tutorials.

Whenever you follow a tutorial, you should follow the tutorial to the letter. Object Modding can be a very complicated procedure no matter what you're doing, and missing out a whole section or just a few numbers could lead to disaster.

What you will need

  • Patience (These things can take a while)

Beginner Tutorials

These are the tutorials that are easy to follow, suitable for the beginners of the community.

Intermediate Tutorials

Advanced Tutorials

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