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(My SubPages)
(My Pages)
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! Jimmywraft's Big Brother
! Jimmywraft's Big Brother
| [[/Jimmy's Big Brother|Jimmywraft's Big Brother]]
| [[Sims Show: Jimmywraft's Big Brother 6|Jimmywraft's Big Brother]]

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Well, I am BigOz, and I am big fan of The Sims, blah blah blah blah blah ... blah. I enjoy editing Wikia, especially making "Nominations" Table! Haha! So Anyway, for some people I might do Wikia Stuff like Survivor or Big Brother, but mostly only when I watch them. Or I am in (in which I always do it xD). So That's all folks! or whatever xD.

My Pages

Name Link
Voting Histories Voting Histories
House of Mystery House of Mystery 1.5
Jimmywraft's Big Brother Jimmywraft's Big Brother
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