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Welcome to my page! Stay for a while have and have a chat in my talk page. Or not.

About Me

Well, I used to create more back in The Sims 2 days, and then stopped. Lately, I've been starting projects for The Sims 3 and putting them off. They seem to get lost in a wormhole within my computer. I get easily distracted by all the shiny objects and hacks people upload all over the community! I suppose I enjoy playing more than creating.

I'm an avid fan of Grimm! Now that Supernatural is coming out, I'm hoping that I'll have time to create Nick, Monroe, Juliette, Hank, Rosalee, Adalind and Sean Renard. Other shows I enjoy are Mad Men, The Walking Dead, and sometimes The Big Bang Theory. Otherwise, I don't watch anything else.

To-Do List

  1. Make a to-do list ✓
  2. Create Grimm characters in Sim form.
  3. Create a Set! (TBD)
  4. Make more lists of Store Content. Sunlit Tides, you're next!
  5. Learn how to make clothing.
  6. IRL: Re-get my permit and go to driving school!
  7. Lower my procrastination rate to at least 40%.

Accomplishments In 2012


  • Completed one article on how to use RSS feeds to see a creator's new work INSTANTLY in Google Reader.
  • Completed one list of Sims 3 Store item sets (Lucky Palms)


  • Fixed/Uploaded my "Discretion Doors" after 3 months.
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