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  • You may include any of my meshes in lots or with your recolors, just please link back to my profile or to the download.
  • My files are all file share friendly. You may share any of my files privately provided you give credit and do not claim as your own. Do NOT mass host/redistribute my files.
  • Never put any of my files on paysites, the Exchange or TSR. You may also not include my files if there is any sort of payments/donations accepted on a site. This includes members only gifts, point earning systems or as special privileged gifts. The only requirement EVER for my meshes is simple registration.
  • Please do NOT clone without permission.
  • No conversions.

External Links



If you want to learn how to create then please see the wiki pages.

If you're a creator and have questions about something specific I have made and how I made it, then you may PM about it.

I will not answer create questions via pm. Please post on the appropriate forum so that you may receive help from other creators and so that others can learn from this as well. If you want my opinion or help you may send me a PM with a link to the thread, but chances are I will see it and post with any help I can.


If have any problems with my creations then please post in the downloads thread.

If you need help with your game, your computer or your personal life, then do NOT pm me.


I do NOT take requests. Any pm's asking for me to make anything, suggesting I make something, or any other form of request, suggestion, or subliminal messaging will be promptly ignored. Unless it's a fantastic idea then I will steal it, mesh it, share it, and never, ever give you credit!

Still Want to PM Me? If you still have a question or comment not included above then you may send me a PM.

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