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Hi there! You've reached HP's PM Catcher System. Please read the following headings before proceeding!

Are you wanting to PM me about any of the following subjects?

Do Not PM Me About...

Please do not PM me about any of the following subjects - there is better help for you elsewhere than PMing me about it!

Game Help

If you need help with your game - if something is busted, doesn't work right, doesn't install right, doesn't play right, etc., please see MTS's Game Help section.

Most problems can be fixed and most questions answered in the extensive FAQs there - many of which I have written or added to myself. If you continue to have questions/problems after doing what it says to do in the FAQs, please post in the Game Help section rather than PMing me.

I check that section regularly and answer questions there, but you may get a faster answer there, and then if someone has the same problem they'll see the solution, too, without having to ask. If I have answered a question on a previous thread, please don't PM me for further help - I check back on threads I've posted on and offer further suggestions, if I have them.

Broken Files

If you are getting errors when downloading my files from MTS (CRC error, incomplete or corrupted files, empty files) then delete the files from your computer and download them again. All those errors mean is that there was a problem in transferring - all of my uploaded files are 100% working and complete and the only thing you can do is try to download again.

If you are having trouble with one of my downloads and you think there is an issue, please post in the upload thread rather than PMing me. I have over 100 uploads to MTS including some rather similar stuff and it's a lot easier for me to keep issues organized by thread, rather than a pile of stuff in my inbox.

Bad Posts

If you've noticed a post that violates site rules, please press the report button on it (on upload threads, it says, "Report if this download breaks site rules" and on regular posts, "Report this post". That will send a report to the MTS moderators using our regular report system, and someone who moderates that area will get to it, probably quicker than if you sent it to me personally. Many reports require a little bit of discussion, too, so it's better to report it so it can go through our proper system, rather than to an individual moderator.

Upload Questions/Issues

If you have a question about uploading or you've uploaded something and you have questions on its status or why it was conditionally approved or rejected, please see MTS's Creator Issues forum, where you can make a new thread with your question. Only other MTS moderators and yourself will be able to see your threads - which is why that forum will look empty. That way, the proper people can answer your questions (as it's entirely possible that I do not moderate the section you'd be asking about).

Creation Questions

If you have questions on how to make something or you're looking for help and tutorials on creating, please see MTS's extensive Create section, where you'll find tutorials on all manner of Sims 2 modding as well as forums where you can ask questions if you get stuck. I check the Create forums regularly to answer questions, so I may end up answering it there, but other people will be able to see the answer and benefit from the thread without having to ask the same question themselves.

If you have questions or comments relating to one of my tutorials, please post that on the appropriate tutorial thread - I check my tutorials pretty regularly to answer questions, and if someone else has the same problem later on, again, they can see the answer you got and not have to ask, too.

I do not provide one-on-one help in PMs - I write tutorials and answer questions on the forums so people can learn what I know without me having to tutor them personally.


I don't take random requests. I don't take suggestions on stuff to make. I don't need ideas for cool stuff to make. I have more than enough of my own, and not nearly enough time to make everything I want to make as it is.

I started creating because I wanted to see my ideas made into stuff for the game, and if you want to see something in particular made, I suggest you start creating, too. I learned almost everything I know from MTS's Create section, and if you're willing to read tutorials and be persistent, you can make cool stuff just like I did.

Do PM Me About...

If your problem falls into one of the following categories, you are welcome to PM me about it. Please be patient as I get a lot of PMs so I may not reply immediately.

User Harassment

If another user on the site is harassing you via the Private Messaging system, please forward the PMs to me with a note about what's going on. I will investigate the issue and make sure it's dealt with.

If a user is causing trouble in a thread on the forums though, please use the Report system rather than PMing me or another moderator.

Where should I post...?

If you've got a question on where an upload should go, or where a thread should be posted, you are welcome to PM me with those questions and I will point you in the right direction.

Demused Sims

My personal site, Demused Sims, has no email address attached to it due to spam bots. If you're having trouble with my personal site or have comments or questions related to it, you may PM me at MTS2 about it - I check my PMs way more than I checked that old email anyway.


If you want to do something with my stuff and you're unsure if you can based on my posted terms of use, you're welcome to ask me - I usually respond quickly.  :)

Links to Stuff You've Made With My Stuff!

I love these PMs. If you've made a sim wearing my hair or clothes or skins or whatever, or if you've used my textures for another project, or recoloured one of my meshes, or made something neat following one of my tutorials, please PM me and let me see what you've done! Every time I see someone using my stuff it makes me go, "Squee!" a little inside, so these PMs are greatly appreciated.

Praise and Adoration

Hey, I like hugs and cookies. If you wanna tell me how awesome I am and how cool my stuff is, go right ahead. I get a lot of grumpy PMs as staff on two big sites so the few really sweet ones I get are even more special to me.

Okay, geez, I really do need to PM you...

Yeah, I know I'm anal, but you'd be surprised the stupid stuff I get PMed with, really.

I'm usually on daily but it may take me a little while to reply as I sort through all the silly stuff I do. Please be patient.  :)

Please note that if your question is under the "do not PM" list, it will likely be ignored.

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