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Ah, okay. A profile page of sorts.


1. I'm a member at MTS.
2. I am a retired nurse.
3. I am a veteran, US Army.
4. I was a nurse in the Army (91C), and NCOIC in Preventive Med.
For awhile, I was on a FACMT team, and helped to investigate child abuse cases.
5. I used to sew, embroider, and bead - but can no longer.
6. I used to read...a LOT.
7. I write short stories, doggerel, and anecdotes, though not so much lately.
8. I draw sketches of birds. (Actually, I don't do that as much lately, either.)
9. I am disabled with a benign brain tumor, so this computer is pretty much my life.
10. Even as I continue to play around building Sims 3 lots, I think the game is crap.
And I believe EA should be held accountable for making and marketing a defective product.

11. I think I might be the first person
to ever build a terraced garden/orchard
( with steppes into a hillside)for Sims3. (sumthin' I'm proud of actually.)

That's pretty much it.

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