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Hey Cygan,

I saw your edit on the Gardening page to change all the images to PNGs. I love the standard sizing as that was what I was trying to fix up in my recent edits, but I see you've switched everything to PNG format. Is there a particular reason behind that? They look great, just curious. HystericalParoxysm 05:11, 8 December 2009 (CST)

Hey :) I wanted to complete the list of fruits but I only had the images in PNG and I think it wouldnt look good if there is a big difference in quality between PNG and JPG. So I reloaded them all to create a unified look. Additionally I got transparent corners in the PNG images but JPG cannot present transparent pixels. I am sorry if you dont like it. If you want you can change it :)
PS: it is the first time I am working on a wiki page, so please dont be too hard to me :P
Saw your reply on my talk page (and moved it here since it's easier to keep this stuff all in one place) - that's fine, just was wondering! Means there's a few placeholder img links I have to clean up as they were expecting jpgs but no biggie. I wasn't annoyed, just wondering why is all. Thanks for the help! HystericalParoxysm 10:22, 8 December 2009 (CST)

Oh I am sorry :( Hope it is not too much work. I got the butterflies also complete. I am searching now for the last two missing bugs. Is it okay if I upload them in PNG too?

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