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Aging and Time

The content on this list relates to the aging of sims, life stages, and time on the lot.

  • Add/Subtract Aging Days: BlackSwan at MTS2
  • Aging Controller/Individual Aging: Heirloom Cake by Inge at SimLogical
  • Individual Aging: Monique at MTS2
  • "Real-Time" Clock: Merola at MTS2
  • Lot Timer (the closest thing possible to allow time to pass equally on all lots): JM Pescado at MATY
  • Time Correct When Returning Home From Community Lot: The fact that one can leave home at noon, stay on a community lot for hours, return home, and it's still noon has vexed players since the game was released. However, there's a VERY GOOD REASON it's set up like this... If Joe goes to a community lot and leaves his wife Carol at home on the lot, and Joe's gone for four days (as is often possible especially with community sleep hacks), what does Carol do while he's gone? What if Carol's pregnant? What if Carol's almost an elder? What if she's about to get a promotion? What if they have kids - do they grow up while he's gone? One can use the InSIMenator to change the day of the week, and OfB includes a cheat to change the hour of the day, so you can simulate a return home at the correct time with that, but actually making it the "correct" time when you return home from a community lot is extremely unlikely/impossible as a hack.

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