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Body Shapes

Body Meshes

Slightly Altered Muscular Male Mesh Mod (SAMMMM) by nanashihito (MTS)
Shaped YF-AF Top Breast for Bra and Bikini Mesh by Celebriton (MTS)


Arm and belly size by pcfreak147 (MTS)
Chin cleft TumTum Simiolino at My Blue Book
Chin Width GnatGoSplat at MTS
Feet Slider by Nik Sim
Female Breast Slider by Delphy (MTS)
Head shape by jonha at MTS
Height (tall) by Delphy (MTS)
Multiple facial sliders by Bella3lek4 (hosted LadyFrontBum's site):
Shoulders height
Jaw line width
Chin width
Brow thickness
Neck height
Eye width
Lower jaw height
Eyebrow Outer Corner Height
Eye stretch
Eye Length in
Multiple sliders by johna (MTS):
Breast size
Waist size
Hip size
Butt size
Head size
Shoulder width
Neck size
Chest size
Leg width
Calf size
Pointed Ears Slider by CmarNYC (MTS)
Upperlip Thin Lower by YSstudio
Thin Lower Lip by YSstudio
Bridge of Nose Width by YSstudio
Shape the Face Line by YSstudio


Since it's impossible to list all of the clothing out there, quality clothing sites will be listed instead.

Ailivina at TSR, at MTS, at, at XM Sims, at XM Sims
All About Style
Annamaria Sims 3
Anubis360 at MTS, at
Around the Sims 3
Birba32 at TSR (free)
by Candy Lover
Darko Sims 3
Fashion Twist
hasel at TSR (free)
Hrekkjavaka at TSR (free)
by Jiliana and at Cstyles
Kiara24 at MTS
Lady Frontbum
Liana Sims 3
Lili Sims
Lorandia Sims 3
My Sims
Nancy J at TSR (free)
newone08 at MTS; at One Billion Pixels
Nia at TSR (free)
Atz at Skylarksims studio (Invitation only)
Oepu's Sims Downloads
Oskarone Designs
Poppy Sims
Ronja at Simenapule
Rose Sims
Rusty Nail
Shady Lane at MTS
simromi at TSR (free)
Sims 3 Boutique
Simsimay at Sims 3 Cri
Stella Sims
Stylist Sims
terriecason at MTS, at TSR (free)
Tomislaw Sims 3 Fashions


'Lola' Sexy 3D Heels by Elexis (MTS)
Goody Two Shoes Canvas Sneakers by traelia (MTS)
Boots 3D Sockified For Females by traelia (MTS)
I Wanna See Some Cash: Platform Heels by daluved1 (MTS)
Pumped Up Kicks Sexy Heels for Elders by daluved1 (MTS)
Puma Tri Run SL Mesh Running Sneakers by terriecason (MTS)
Customizable Converse by terriecason (MTS)
Athena Sandals by Anubis360 (MTS)
Sk8ter Shoe by omegastarr82 (MTS)
Oh My Goth! Boots for Females by JosephTheSim2k5 (MTS)
Oh My Goth! Boots for Males by JosephTheSim2k5 (MTS)
Crawlers by JosephTheSim2k5 (MTS)
BKE Iron Flips Casuals by terriecason (MTS)
Robert Wayne Hey Slip-Ons by terriecason (MTS)
All LN Shoes for Teens by Robodl95 (MTS)
High Heels for Men by omegastarr82 (MTS)
Boots for Boys (high-heeled boots for men) by omegastarr82 (MTS)
Valentino and Louboutin shoes by noxéen at TSR (free)
Espadrilles by Mirel at Lorandia Sims
Vans (laceless sneakers) for all ages at Lili Sims
Boots by Mickey at Sims 3 Inlimite

Main Page


Default Replacement

Default Replacement Eyes of Twisted Series - Bridget's First Eyes by Briddy_G (MTS)
Multifoiled - Smaller Default Eyes with Subtle Color Variations by aikea guinea (MTS)
Bright Eyes: Contact/Default by daluved1 (MTS)
Default Replacements by shadowwolf5889 (MTS)
Even More Default Replacements by shadowwolf5889 (MTS)
Dark Skies by lazywnch (MTS)
Tiffany Glaze by Escand (MTS)
Staring At My Soul by Cutthroat_Dollie (MTS)
Starry Eyes by JillianWong (MTS)
Glittering Blackness by amvalvo (MTS)
Subtle Glance by HystericalParoxysm (MTS)
Bright Eyes by Miniie(MTS)
Bright Eyes (Colorblend) by Miniie (MTS)
Vibrant Eyes by JillianWong (MTS)
Death to EA Eyes by theonlyonetwo (MTS)
Triple Eye Default Replacements - clear & radiant styles by icedmango (MTS)
Vivid Eyes by JillianWong (MTS)
You're Starring at My Soul by Cutthroat_Dollie (MTS)
Glisten Eyes by sprinkz (MTS)
Default Replacement Eyes by Syera (MTS)
Eye ShHine by Rockermonkey (MTS)
Default Replacement Eyes for TS3 by aikea guinea (MTS)
Eyes by Wz2cool
Syberia Eyes by Smillas (Garden of Shadows)
Out of Sight default and non-default eyes by sleepalldaypartyallnight at MTS
Ultra plain by Tamo
Replacement eyes at Lemon Leaf's Blog


2 Different Colour Eyes (Heterochromia) (mesh worn as Accessory) EsmeraldaF (MTS)
Different eyes (heterochromia iridum) (mesh worn as Accessory) by Noah
Bridget's First Eyes by Briddy_G (MTS)
Dragon Eyes by Kiara24 (MTS)
Barcelonista Eyes V7 by Killa*a (MTS)
Sparkle Crystal Eyes by Kiara24 (MTS)
Fantasy Eyes: "Superhero/Supervillain" (glow-effect texture) by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
Glowing Eyes (mesh with full bright glow worn as Accessory) by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
White Outs by daluved1 (MTS)
Bright Eyes: Contact/Default by daluved1 (MTS)
Look At Me by Anubis360 (MTS)
Angel Eyes by Sims2Time (MTS)
3-Colour Eyes by Killa*a (MTS)
3-Colour-Eyes (Smaller Version) by Killa*a (MTS)
Dreamtime Romance by lazywnch (MTS)
Fantasy Eyes: Fire Eyes and Solar Eyes by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
Sci-Fi Eyes: Cyber 'Camera' Eyes by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
Set of four assorted Sci-Fi Eyes by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
Zombie contact lenses: White irises, and '28 Weeks Later' by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
Cyborg Eye (mesh worn as Accessory) by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
Money Eyes by Wz2cool
Intensive Eyes by The Sims World
Fantastic Eyes by The Sims World *Scroll Down*
Flashing Eyes by The Sims World
Romantic Eyes by The Sims World *Scroll Down*
Cat Eyes by The Sims World
Cat Eyes by Kiara24 (MTS)
Dusk Eyes by Kiara24 (MTS)
Moonstone Fantasy eyes at Twilight's Treasure Chest
Star Eyes at lcbxl's Blog
Hello Asian eyebrow and contact set at Twilight's Treasure Chest
Water Eyes at lcbxl's Blog
Eye 12 by Lemon Leaf
Eye N5 at Tifa's Blog
Lenses_Hazard (hazard symbols) by Alis_Bairon at Garden of Shadows
Eye 6 at Tifa's Blog

Main Page

Facial Hair


Vulcan/Elf tilted eyebrows by CmarNYC (MTS)
Dexter's Eyebrows by Simmiller (MTS)
Improved Men's 'Extreme V' Arched Eyebrows by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
No Eyebrows by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
The Family Brow by daluved1 (MTS)
The Cutie Toddler Brow by daluved1 (MTS)
Two Converted -Shady- Brows by daluved1 (MTS)
Bellamy's Male Brow by Mermaid Bellamy (MTS)
Sweetheart Brow by daluved1 (MTS)
Groomed & Styled Brows by Nandonalt (MTS)
Under Your Brows Set by HystericalParoxysm (MTS)
The Glamour Brow by daluved1 (MTS)
Shaved Eyebrows by daluved1 (MTS)
The Skinny Brow by daluved1 (MTS)
9 New Eyebrows by Tantchens Sims 3
Hello Asian eyebrow and contact set at Twilight's Treasure Chest
Spring Waltz eyebrows and lipstick at Twilight
"Heavensent" Curved Eyebrows by Elexis


"Fu Manchu" Goatee by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
"Unsavoury Charlatan" Beard and Moustache (mesh worn as Accessory) by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
Default Replacement Facial Hair by robokitty (Kitty Klan)
Default Replacements for Chinstrap goatee - clean-stubble by robokitty (Kitty Klan)
SoulPatch - clean stubble by robokitty (Kitty Klan)
Barely There Facial Hair by Jasumi (MTS)
Goatee Stubble by Jasumi (MTS)
Shaved facial hair by QBUILDERZ (MTS)
Jim Raynor's Slim Beard by Simmiller (MTS)
Buff CHops by Simmiller (MTS)
Facial Hair for Women by Chaavik (MTS)
"Whose Your Barber" stubble by bocboc256 (MTS)
Stubble and Iron Man beard by Arisuka (MTS)
Long Beard by Sage (Fire and Lightning and Marshmallows)

Main Page


RightArrow.gif See the TS3 Hair Gallery

Main Page



3 Tone Eyeshadow for Females by xrachaelx (MTS)
Whipped Cream Lipstick by HystericalParoxysm (MTS)
Candied Apples, Tri-Tone Eye Shadow by arfmoo (MTS)
Two Layer Eyeshadow by DSke (MTS)
Blue Monday - tri-tone eyeshadow by Babinha (MTS)
Faded Flare by Papercat (MTS)
Under Eyeshadow by Papercat (MTS)
Two new eyeshadows by Aikea Guinea at Club Crimsyn
Disco DaVinci & Disco Dal at Lady Frontbum
DaVinci Dusk at Lady Frontbum
Bright and Smoky Eyeshadow by emmzx at MTS
Mocha at Lady Frontbum
Confetti at Lady Frontbum

Eye Liner

Xtra Long Eyelashes by xrachaelx (MTS)
Smudgy Eyeliner for the Top Lid by sasha525 (MTS)
Gothica Extreme Makeup by Vanito (MTS)
Bad Day Liner by Papercat (MTS)
Outer Liner by Papercat (MTS)
Cat Liner by Papercat (MTS)
Classic Eyeliner by aniaorazova (TSR)
Glitter & Shimmer Makeup by DSke (GoS)
Set of 6 Winged Glamorous Eyeliners by emmzx at MTS
Eye N5 at Tifa's Blog


Bubbly: Lipgloss for the Kiddies by daluved1 at MTS
Candy Doll Lipgloss By LemonLeaf
Crystal Lipstick N8 by Lemon Leaf
Crystal Lipstick N9 for children at Lemonleaf's Sims Café
Cherry Run Color Crystal Lipstick N9 at Lemonleaf's Sims Café
Eyebrows, Liner and Lipgloss by Sasha
Jelly Lipgloss by LemonLeaf
Lipstick Gloss by lurania (MTS)
Lip Lines by Papercat (MTS)
Luster Shine Lip-gloss by Miniie (MTS)
Lipstick by Lauraaaa at Garden of Shadows
Lipstick by Dajana (Pfotis Corner)
Lipstick N5 at Tifa's Blog
Moisture Sheer Lipstick by The Sims World
Natural lipgloss at lcbxl's Blog
Nude Color lipstick at LemonLeaf
Pearl Lipstick by LemonLeaf
Plump Lipstick by The Sims World
Silver Lipstick by Kiara24 (MTS)
Simply Sweet by Elexis (MTS)
Siv, two color lipstick by Siv (MTS)
Siv, three color lipstick by Siv (MTS)
Shine Lipstick by Kiara24 (MTS)
Lip N4 at Tifa's Blog
Spring Crystal Lipgloss by S-Club Privee
Spring Waltz eyebrows and lipstick at Twilight
Sweet Lips by daluved1 at Leefish
Real Lips by Shyne


Glitter & Shimmer Makeup by DSke (GoS)
multi blush for all ages and genders by Lili (
Magical Powder makes skin shine (experimental) at Twilight's Treasure Chest
Blusher N2 at Tifa's Blog

Costume Make-Up

Painted Face Stripes by Nandonalt (MTS)
This Is Halloween: 6 Scary Face Masks by GillianIvy (MTS)
Burglar Masks by jordoosims (MTS)
Halloween Costume Makeup by Kiara24 (MTS)
Carnival Masks by Anubis360 (MTS)
The 4 Elements by Kiara24 (MTS)
4 Elements for All by Kiara24 (MTS)
Gothic...lip...stuff (jagged scary black design for the lower face) by Claeric at Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher
Earth and Air by Fawkes at MTS
Zits/Spots by Claeric

Main Page


Anklet (Ankle bracelet)

Anklet for male by Noah

Bracelets and Watches

iPod Nano Watch by Fresh-Prince (MTS)
Teen Female Watch by Menaceman44 (MTS)
Three Cartier Watches for Males by lurania (MTS)
Two Casio Sport Watches by Czeczenski(MTS)
Two Swatch Watches by Czeczenski(MTS)
Powderpuff Girls and Betty Boop Watches by lurania (MTS)
Hello Kitty Watches by lurania (MTS)
Pretty Watches for Your Pretty Fems by daluved1 (MTS)
Bracelets (with flower meshes) by lurania (MTS)


Grace Earrings by whiterider (MTS)
Spider Earrings by Kiara24 (MTS)
2 Channel Pendant Earrings by joninmobile (MTS)
Heart-Shaped Hoop Earrings by joninmobile (MTS)
Music to my Ears: Four Musical Earrings by whiterider (MTS)
Coral Earrings by Kiara24 (MTS)
Semi-Layerable Earrings by tamo (MTS)
Earrings for Toddlers by magnemoe (MTS)


5 EA Glasses with Recolourable Lenses by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
Cyborg Visor with Recolourable Glow-In-The-Dark Lens by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
7-Side 'Beckett' Glasses, Small Round Glasses & Shades by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
Frameless Rectangular Glasses and Sunglasses by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
Wayfarer-Style Sunglasses by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
Matrix-ish Sunglasses by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
Slimline Version of EA Senior Shades by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
'Morpheus'-Style Sunglasses by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
Big Round Glasses by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
Glowing Wraparound Cyber Glasses by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
Classic-Style Sunglasses by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
"Unsavoury Charlatan" Monocle by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
Sims 2 Rave Goggles (worn on eyes or on forehead) by EsmeraldaF (MTS)
Goggles Plain or with a Grid (worn on eyes or on forehead) by sionelle (MTS)
Cats Eye Glasses for Ladies by tamo (MTS)
Retro Sunglasses Fix by MzzUnvrz (MTS)
Realsim Oval Glasses Comversion by Kiara24 (MTS)
Designer Sunglasses for Toddlers by sosliliom (MTS)
Designer Sunglasses for Children by sosliliom (MTS)
VR Goggles as Glasses by wintermuteai1 (MTS)
Wayfarer-Like Glasses by tamo (MTS)
Smaller Oval Glasses by Grimma (MTS)
Smaller Rectangular Glasses by Grimma (MTS)
Anne et Valentin Glasses by v-ware (MTS)
Fashion Victim Glasses by v-ware (MTS)
Half-Nerdy Glasses Glasses by bing (MTS)

Gloves and Socks

Biker Gloves by Merkaba (MTS)
Ellie Tights by dutch (MTS)
Iron - Three Custom Designed Prosthetic Arms by Arisuka (MTS)
Simple Fingerless Gloves by Astraea Nevermore (MTS)
Taller Socks for Men by cutsocks (MTS)
Long Lace Gloves by princess_danford (MTS)
Curiouser and Curiouser: Odd Socks for Odd Sims by whiterider (MTS)
Shorter Ankle Socks by Oaktree (MTS)


REDUX: Longer Nails for the Ladies by daluved1 (MTS)
REDUX: Painted Nails for the Kiddies by daluved1 (MTS)
3 colors feet nails by Lili (
Diamond Nail Accessories by -Mallow- (MTS)


Piercings, 11 Item Set, Semi-Layerable by necrodog (MTS)
Industrial Ear Piercing by vampire_aninyosaloh (MTS)
New Piercings by skeletalscreams (GoS)
Future Foe Scenarios by aikea guinea (MTS)
Individual & Combination Facial Piercings by amvalvo (MTS)
Piercing set by Wideopeneyes at TSR (free)
Layerable Piercing Set by Winry (MTS)


Something Borrowed: Heritage Bridal Collection by daluved1 (MTS)
EA Rings for Teens Through Elders by werysmiki (MTS)
The One Ring (from Lord of the Rings) by joninmobile (MTS)

Main Page



KittyKlan Default Faces by robokitty (MTS)
Toddler Face Skin by subaxi (MTS)
Children Face Skin by subaxi (MTS)
"Custard" Anti-Puddingface Texture Replacer by HystericalParoxysm (MTS)
Default Replacement Makeup Tweaks by robokitty (Kitty Klan)
Moonlight Skin (Face) by kanno (GoS)


Moonlight Skin (barbie) by kanno (MTS)
Moonlight Skin (non-barbie) by kanno (GoS)(+18)
Asian Skins by 234jiao (MTS)
Increased Texture Detail & Shine (Barbie) by HystericalParoxysm (MTS)
Increased Texture Detail (Non-Barbie) by HystericalParoxysm (SexySims)(+18)
El Fallo de Tu Piel for Males by nextor_torres (GoS)
Hairy skin replacement + Peggy male skin (Conversion) by TummyZa (GoS)(+18)
Default Peggy Skintones by PeggySims3 ($$$)
Red Plague non-default skin for MTS Medieval Challenge by Lady Frontbum
GLAM female skintones by Lastrie at MTS
Busty St. Claire default and non-default at Lady Frontbum
Female Skins with Missy Harries Skintones at Lady Frontbum
Toddler skins at Lady Frontbum

Main Page


Over 100 tattoo templates by Noah
Japanese Sleeves + Backpiece by XJonasX (MTS)
Tribal Cross Ambitions Tattoo by blindgoose (MTS)
8 Tattoos for Female-Sims by roflor (MTS)
20 Knuckle Tattoos by newone08 (MTS)
15 Tramp Stamps by newone08 (MTS)
Totally Random Tatts by iamiam80
8 Tribal Back Tattoos by newone08
Double Dragon Tattoos by robokitty (MTS)
Tribal Tattoo 1 by lurania (MTS)
Tribal Tattoo 2 by lurania (MTS)
Belly Button Tattoos by Snaitf (MTS)
Tattoo Set - Puddydracovirgin by robokitty (MTS)
Kitty Klan Tattoo Sets by robokitty (Kitty Klan)
Sacred Tattoo by GillianIvy (The Rejected)
Lovecraft and Sunburst Body Tats by GillianIvy (The Rejected)
Tribal Tattoos by Black Sims Zoo
Twin Forearm Tats by newone08 (O.B.P.)
Musical Tattoo by skeletalscreams (GoS)
Henna For the Ladies by daluved1 (MTS)
Simlish Tattoos and More! by daluved1 (MTS)
Dragon tattoos here and here by Kebron at Photis' Corner
4 HOT tatoos for females by New One at One Billion Pixels: hot wings, double flowers, guns and flowers, The Key to My Heart
Tribal by Ekinege at SimsTR
Jecht's tattoo by Claeric at Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher

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Topical Details

Beauty Marks/Freckles

Body Freckles Part 1 by newone08 (MTS)
Body Freckles Part 2 by newone08 (MTS)
25 Recolorable Beauty Marks by Mermaid Bellamy (MTS)
Freckle Face by Papercat (MTS)
3 colors beauty marks by Lili (
Beauty marks by Tifa

Scars, Wounds, Blood

Scars by Shep
Facial scars by Skeletal Screams
Vampire bite marks at Lady Frontbum Sims & Stuff
Dirty, Bloody, Bruised Hands by newone08 (MTS)
Truly Dirty/Bloody facemasks for both genders - 5 styles! by Arisuka at MTS
Blood and decay makeup by GillianIvy at The Rejected
Black eye at Jordy's Sims Stuff

Body Hair

Chest Hair Overlay by aikea guniea (ClubCrimsyn) *found under Accessories*
Recolorable Body Hair by PanthroSamah (MTS)
Custom body hair overlay by TummyZa (MTS)

Main Page



Braces by daluved1 (MTS)
Not So Pearly Teeth by sammann89 (MTS)
Vampire Teeth by aikea guinea (ClubCrimsyn)


Alpha Wings - Lucia Carlota's Victoria's Secret Wings by emhpb at MTS
TNW wing retextures at Jordy's Sims Stuff
One Day I'll Fly Away Wyngs JosephTheSim2k5 at MTS
Butterfly Wings and Glowing Wings by EsmeraldaF at MTS
Smaller Butterfly Wings by EsmeraldaF at MTS


Wedding Bliss: 3 Wedding Veil Accessories by traelia (MTS)
Kippah/Yarmulke as accessory by CloudwalkerNZ (MTS)
Accessory Flower Bouquet by daluved1 (MTS)
Oooglybooglywoogly! Halloween Masks for Everyone by whiterider (MTS)
Vampire Bloody Tears by GillianIvy (The Rejected)
Halloween Make-Up by GillianIvy (The Rejected)
accessory bra teen to elder by Lili (
Angel Tears eyes by Lemon Leaf
Tears Eyes V3 by Lemon Leaf
Pearl headband by Twilight at M&T Sims
Blindfold at Rose Sims
Kiss marks by Newone08 at MTS
Earmuffs/cuffs at Jordy's Sims Stuff
Fashion Headphones by Lemon Leaf
Sims 2 Knight's Helmet as accessory by EsmeraldaF at MTS
Sims 2 Pirate Hat as accessory by EsmeraldaF at MTS
Sims 2 Pirate Eyepatch by EsmeraldaF at MTS
Flower Headband for Children/Toddlers by Robodl95 at MTS
Lightsaber as accessory by CloudWalkerNZ at MTS
Criminal Masks for All by Chicken0895 at MTS
Cigarette Accessory by joninmobile at MTS

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