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Careers in TS4

Click on the briefcase (career) icon the lower right corner. It will reveal the career your Sim is in, the days and times they are to work, their performance rating and any Tasks/Goals required for promotion.

We will come back later with tidbits about the careers available in the base game.


RightArrow.gif Astronaut

Base game

Astronaut career

RightArrow.gif Criminal

Base game

Criminal career

RightArrow.gif Culinary

Base game

Culinary career

RightArrow.gif Entertainer

Base game

Entertainer career

RightArrow.gif Painter

Base game

Painter career

RightArrow.gif SecretAgent

Base game

Secret Agent career

RightArrow.gif TechGuru

Base game

TechGuru career

RightArrow.gif Writer

Base game

Writer Career

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