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TS3:Downloading for Downright Dunderheads

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Preparing the Download folder

It is always best to be organized. If you use a Download Manager, this task becomes even simpler. If you don't, you just need to stay organized manually i.e move files and remove unwanted content and prune things off as often as possible.

Setting up the folder

I have a MyDownloads folder in Documents for regular stuff that I download, but for Sims I have created a "landing folder" where all my Sims-related Downloads will go.

  1. DFDD CreateDownloadFolder.png
    In Windows Explorer,
    • right-click on an empty area
    • create a New folder in a directory or drive of your preference

    • DFDD DownloadFolderCreated.png
      Name it as you like. In the image here, I've called mine Sims3Downloads in my secondary storage F:/ drive, which I usually refer to as the parent download folder

  2. Under this parent downloads folder, I would go another step and create some sub-folders to organize my downloads by website, then drill further down for content type or creator name, etc. A more comprehensive Organizing Guide can be found [[link placeholder]].

Setting up the browser

You can set the Download folder in your browser so all your Downloads are in a central location.

In Firefox:

  1. DFDD FFOptions.png
    Go to Tools menu → Options

  2. DFDD FFGenTab.png
    In General Tab's Downloads section, you can specify the folder of your choosing: click Browse button,

    • DFDD FFRegularDownloadFolder.png
      If you want to have a "landing folder" for all downloads, navigate to the parent folder (eg: My Documents in the picture). Make a new folder and name it, and then select this, and click OK

    • DFDD FFSims3DownloadFolder.png
      If you want to set it to the Sims3Downloads folder we created before, set it like so, and click OK

    • If you want both options, click Cancel in the previous Dialog box. Back in General tab, set the Downloads options to Always ask me where to save files (underlined in Red in the second image in this section)
    • Click OK when you are done making your changes.

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