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Imaginary Friends


Imaginary friends are a supernatural sim that spawns from a childhood doll. Occasionally, when a baby is born in your sim family, they receive a doll in the mail. Some toddlers created in CAS will also have a doll in their inventory. As a baby, of your sim can't do much with their doll, but they can do more and more as the sim - and, at the same time, the doll - grows up. Your sim will have to keep up a good relationship with his or her imaginary friend and interact with it a often so that it grows up. If you choose to, you can also make your sim's imaginary friend real, using a potion created with the Chemistry Lab. Imaginary friends who have been made real become a controllable member of the family. Imaginary friends can often be seen eating spaceship-shaped cookies and random donuts. These objects are accessible via the Witch conversion spell, however they are not edible objects for normal sims.

There are twelve preset patterns for imaginary friends featuring either stars, stripes, or spots.

Getting an NPC Imaginary Friend

An imaginary friend doll.

Imaginary friends are only visible to the sim that is close to them, to onlookers it will look like sims are talking to themselves or even pillow-fighting with themselves. If an imaginary friend is left on a lot by its creator it will revert back into doll form. The same thing happens if the creator goes to sleep.


An imaginary friend ages up to child size.

When your sim is a toddler, their future imaginary friend will be only a doll. At this stage interactions with the doll are similar to a teddy bear. Sims can name, play with, or sing to it. As toddlers play with or sing to their dolls, they develop a relationship. As the relationship becomes higher, a popup will indicate that the doll is "becoming a very special toy" for your sim and that they may "stay as good friends" when the sim ages. If the relationship between the two is high enough, the doll will "grow up" when the toddler becomes a child. The doll acts like a Mysterious Mr. Gnome sometimes, popping around the house changing poses. The doll's gender is set when the creator sim selects it during naming.


Soon after your sim becomes a child a popup with recommend taking the doll out of your sim's inventory. The doll will then "grow up" into a large NPC form that is only visible when the creator sim is active. The doll can now walk around and interact with objects, having free will as if it was a visitor. Imaginary friends still turn back into dolls when their sim friend is asleep, and will usually sleep near their sim's bed.

Children can perform most of the same interactions with their imaginary friends as they can with other sims, including chatting, playing, joking, and so on. They can also play with and sing to their imaginary friends while they're in doll form, just like when they were toddlers – but you have to queue up the action while your sim is asleep. Kids can also play with other children's imaginary friend dolls, even though they can't see them when they're "real".

Children can order their imaginary friends to go get them a snack, or to clean up after them – with varying degrees of success.

Teen to Elder

When your child grows up to be a teen, the imaginary friend will also age up. Provided sims interact with their friend regularly it will remain active and grow with them, however if they stop interacting it will revert to doll form and be lost.

Getting a Playable Imaginary Friend

Science Lab - If the creator sim has a very high relationship with their imaginary friend they can get a call from the Science Lab offering to make imagination a reality. This is an opportunity chain that requires one Rainbow Gem, and gives one potion that will make the friend real.

Chemistry Potion - If a sim has level 9 Logic skill, they can make Imaginary Friend Metamorphum at the chemistry table for §4500. An imaginary friend who drinks this will become a real sim that will wear clothes similar in style to the doll's design. This adds the imaginary friend to the household.


Imaginary friends have few abilities. Once they are real they are like any other sim, although they can change to doll mode but cannot do any romantic interactions like this. They can pass this doll mode on to their children.

First Real Experiences

When they are first made real imaginary friends get a series of moodlets based on how amazing doing everything for the first time is.

Doll Mode

They can change from their normal sim mode to their original doll mode at will.


Icon Moodlet Name Effects Time Period From Description Notes Expansion
FantasticTeaParty.jpg Fantastic Tea Party +20 Mood 4 Hours Tea Party with Imaginary Friend Doll The fine china is set and the tea is served. Teatime with a plush friend is an excellent way to spend an afternoon!
MakinFriends.png Makin' Friends +20 5 hours Doll Playtime with a best friend is a boundless joy, keeping each other happy and in good company.
PowerImaginary.png Power of Imaginary Friend +10 6 hours Doll Having an Imaginary Friend is so much fun! I'll never get bored again when my special buddy is around.
BigheartedFriend.png Bighearted Friend +10 6 hours Doll (Imaginary Friend Name) got (Sim Name) a snack and it brightened (Sim Name)'s day! Friends like these are hard to find. Have the creator sim ask their imaginary friend to get them a snack.
CantBelieveMyEyes.png Can't Believe My Eyes! +10 6 hours Doll The bond between two friends can do remarkable things! My special buddy got bigger when I did. Creator sim gets this moodlet when their imaginary friend ages up alongside them.
TurnedReal.png Imaginary Friend Turned Real! +10 6 hours Imaginary Friend Turning Real Whoa, it's like magic! Now everyone will know I wasn't crazy this whole time! Creator sim gets this moodlet when their imaginary friend becomes real.
RealSim.png I am a Real Sim! +10 6 hours Imaginary Friend Turning Real The bond between two friends can do remarkable things! (Sim Name) defied the laws of nature and turned his special childhood friend into a Real Sim! Imaginary friend gets this moodlet when they first become real.
PorcelainBeauty.png Porcelain Beauty +10 6 hours Using Toilet This contraption called a toilet does amazing things! It's like a magician. Now you see it, now you don't! Imaginary friend gets this moodlet when they first use a toilet after becoming real.
ScrumptiousFood.png Scrumptious Food +10 6 hours Eating Eating real food for the first time was fantastic! Being able to eat anything from the fridge is a privilege some forget, but not this Sim. Imaginary friend gets this moodlet when they eat after becoming real.
UnimaginableComfort.png Unimaginable Comfort +10 6 hours Sleeping (Sim Name) never thought sleeping in a real bed for the first time could feel so amazing! This definitely beats sleeping on the floor. Imaginary friend gets this moodlet when they eat after becoming real.

Misc Tricks

Help! Imaginary Friends creep me out! There are two options to get rid of an unwanted doll.

You can delete the doll by entering the cheat code testingcheatsenabled true, then shift clicking on the doll and selecting Object --> Delete it. The doll must be removed from the sim's inventory in order to be deleted. You cannot sell the doll.

You can also prevent the doll from aging by not having a good relationship. You can either ignore the doll or use the cheat code testingcheatsenabled true to drag the relationship bar down.

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