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Age Range:Teen+
Expansion:Sims3EP03 icon.png Late Night

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A bartender mixing a round of drinks.

Your sims will now learn how to bar-tend and make drinks in The Sims 3 Late Night Expansion Pack. This skill will also allow you to make money by moonlighting as a mixologist in bars.

Bars & Types of Drinks

There are two types of "professional" bars that come with the Sims 3 Late Night: The "Professional Bar Dive Edition" and the "Duke Professional Juice Bar." Each bar pertains to which lot they work best with. The "Professional Bar Dive Edition" works best in seedy dive bars and nightclubs, while the "Duke Professional Juice Bar" works best with exclusive lounges and nightclubs.

Sims will need to practice, practice, practice in the beginning stages of mixology, but as their mixology skill grows they will be able to make special drinks.

Level Drinks Notes
0 None "Practice Making Drinks" is enabled on bars, and will also be able to read the first mixology book.
3 Party Drinks Increases a party's score.
4 Skilling Drinks Increases skills and gives a "Cerebral Boost" moodlet (+15 mood) which both last for 4 hours.
5 Romantic Drinks Gives an "In the Mood" moodlet (+25 mood) and will help in making romantic interactions
6 Unique Drinks This explains itself.
7 Energy Drinks At this point it will also be easier to get into more exclusive clubs.
8 "The Sorrow Annihilator" Gives a "Wash Away The Worry" moodlet (+10 mood) which lasts 80 minutes.
9 'Crazy' Mood Drink Gives a "Going Wild!" moodlet (+30 moodlet) which lasts 5 hours.

Drink Types & Venues

Each lot type has a different name for various drinks. The type of drinks (e.g. "Romantic") usually have the same effect if the bar provides it.

Drink Type Venue
Woohoo on the Beach Romantic Poolside Club
Flaming Flotsam Party Poolside Club
Tropic Twister Energy Poolside Club
Carribey Cooler Regular Poolside Club
Barnacle Breeze Regular Poolside Club
Hogan's Deep Fried Juice Energy Sports Bar
Flaming Waylon Party Sports Bar
Bad Cheerleader Romantic Sports Bar
Winning Streak Sorrow Annihilator Sports Bar
Bad Referee Regular Sports Bar
Sapphire Samurai Regular Fusion Lounge
Zen Zinger Energy Fusion Lounge
Sakura Shoji Sweetness Party Fusion Lounge
Kyoto My Heart Romantic Fusion Lounge
Kozui Cooler Regular Fusion Lounge
Feng Shui Fountain Regular Fusion Lounge
Dark Energies Energy Vampire Lounge
Falling Forever Romantic Vampire Lounge
Deathflower Drops Crazy Vampire Lounge
Falling Forever Regular Vampire Lounge
Deep Despair Regular Vampire Lounge
Ectoplasmic Residue Regular Vampire Lounge
Sweet Hijinks Energy Dive Bar
Llama Head Party Dive Bar
Big Mistake Crazy Dive Bar
Kneecapper Regular Dive Bar
Morcubus Molotov Regular Dive Bar
Glow Goo Energy Dance Club
Melted Snowman Sorrow Annihilator Dance Club
Spotlight Polish Party Dance Club
Alien Brain Skill Gain Dance Club
Neon Breeze Party Dance Club
KTHXBYE Crazy Dance Club
Shillelagh Energy Watering Hole
Cherry Casanova Romantic Watering Hole
Party Popper Party Watering Hole
Stomach Churner Regular Watering Hole
Tombstone Topper Regular Watering Hole
Rockin' Roller Party Disco Club
Band Slam Energy Disco Club
Purple Gnome Regular Disco Club
Pink Bunny Regular Disco Club
Fan Fizz Regular Disco Club
Simoleon Sunrise Sorrow Annihilator Exclusive Lounge
Pomegranate Passion Romantic Exclusive Lounge
Vera's Glass of Sass Energy Exclusive Lounge
Aristocratic Gimlet Party Exclusive Lounge
Starry Sea Regular Exclusive Lounge
Simsmapolitan Regular Exclusive Lounge
Oil Coolada Regular SimBot Only
Hemoglobin Shooter Regular Vampire Only

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