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New Features in University

Each new expansion adds some pretty significant changes. What are the new features that EP1: University adds?

New Careers

University adds 4 new careers: Artist, Natural Scientist, Paranormal, and Show Business. Only sims that have graduated University may access the new career tracks.

New Career Rewards

The 4 careers listed above each have their own career reward:

  • Show Business: Dr. Vu's Automatched Cosmetic Surgeon (Level 6). Allows sims to perform plastic surgery, changing facial structure.
  • Natural Science: Laganaphyllis Simnovorii (The Cowplant) (Level 6). Eats sims when hungry, and produces milk that, when taken by a sim, adds 5 days to their life.
  • Artist: Luminous Pro Antique Camera (Level 6). Allows you to take pictures of sims and pose them in a variety of ways for their pictures. You can then either hang or sell the photos.
  • Paranormal: Resurrect-O-Nomitron (Level 5). You can use it to call the Grim Reaper and, depending on how much you pay him, bring back dead loved ones either as they were before, or as zombies.


See: Game Help:Zombies.

Lifetime Want

Sims get a random Lifetime Want when they choose an aspiration. Other than the one possible opportunity in college when you can choose a new aspiration, you cannot normally change your sims' lifetime want through normal gameplay. The InSIMenator (among other hacked objects) will allow you to re-roll your lifetime want randomly. The only way to actually -choose- a lifetime want is to use SimPE.

You can see what your sim's lifetime want is by hovering your mouse over the sim's aspiration status bar (the one that goes platinum) to see that information.


Influence is a new feature in University that applies to all Sims. Sims now have the ability to exert Influence on other Sims. To use Influence, click on a Sim you want to Influence and select “Influence to…” The Influence meter is located just to the left of the Aspiration meter. The meter shows you how many Influence points you have, as well as your Influence capacity (the maximum number of Influence points your Sims can obtain). To increase your Sims Influence capacity, you must increase your personal friendships (not household friends).

Influence has five levels, measured by your total number of personal friends for that Sim.

  • Level 1: 0 friends, 2,000 point capacity.
  • Level 2: 1 friend, 4,000 point capacity.
  • Level 3: 3 friends, 6,000 point capacity.
  • Level 4: 6 friends, 8,000 point capacity.
  • Level 5: 12 friends, 10,000 point capacity.

Combining Households

This feature is available only for University. Any Sim that is located in the Family Bin or Student Bin can be merged into an existing household.

Young Adults

Young Adults are the new life stage added in University. Young adults look pretty much the same as adults: they are the same size and shape, and they can share clothing with adult sims, too. Young adults use adult face textures and teen body textures for their skintones.


There are three ways to send Sims to University:

  • You can have an existing Sim teen choose the Move to College option (via the computer or phone)
  • You can send existing teens (including townies) to college through the Send Sims to College option
  • You can create new students in the University campus view in the Young Adult Create-a-Sim.

College Money: Sims will not keep the money they earn at college after they leave or graduate. All sims leave college with the standard 20,000 Simoleans.

Earning money in college can be done in several ways:

  • Academic grants, based on GPA. See the Academic Grants heading listed below for what GPA you need to get what amount of money.
  • Play an instrument on a community lot for tips.
  • Freestyle for tips
  • Hustle pool
  • Grow money trees
  • Use the counterfeit machine at the secret society lot.
  • College jobs. Sims cannot have a regular career-type job like adult or teen sims. Instead, they take on a part time job done when they feel like it. The pay for these is done per sim-hour of work. The higher the pay for the job, the bigger hit it causes for your sims' needs. To get a job in any of these capacities, click on an existing sim working in one of these jobs and select "Work As." To tutor a sim, you'll need at least one semester of college finished - then click on another sim's assignment. To be a personal trainer, wait until another sim is working out, then click on them.
    • Barista (coffee bar worker) - 80
    • Bartender - 80
    • Cafeteria Worker - 50
    • Tutor - 60
    • Personal Trainer - 70

Babies at College: Sims cannot have children at university - young adult sims cannot get pregnant or Try for Baby. Force-impregnating a sim at university is a bad idea - their baby will not come with them once they leave!

Going to Class: If your Sim is in a bad mood (less than -30), he will not automatically go to class, and you must direct him to do so. Click on the Sim and select Go To Class.

Time on University Lots: Time in University is measured in terms of year, semester, and time of day. Each semester is three days, there are two semesters in a year, and four years in total (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior). Classes are held every day and your Sims final exam is 72 hours from the beginning of the semester.

Time Until Final Exam: Hover your mouse pointer over the semester your Sims is currently attending and the time remaining will be displayed.

New NPCs: There are several NPCs that will randomly appear on college lots:

  • Cheerleader – Cheerleaders will show up to visit and will randomly flirt and do the school cheer, otherwise they act as a normal visitor. You can direct your Sims to watch the cheerleader cheer for Fun increase.
  • Coach – Coaches will randomly show up, yell at your Sims, and force them to work out, increasing Body skill. Other than that, they act as a normal visitor.
  • Evil Mascot – The Evil Mascot is a male Young Adult Sim in a cow suit. He has zero Personality points except a 10 for Playful and a 10 for Outgoing. He generally likes to be annoying.
  • Mascot – The Mascot is pretty much a Cheerleader in a Llama suit, male Young Adult.
  • Streaker – Streakers…well, they streak. They run around the lot naked and do a little dance. They show up more often at parties and will not show up if any minors are on the lot.
  • Professors - You'll meet these sims as you go to class. You can build up relationships with them - even romantic relationships! - and this may help with your grade.


You can apply for Scholarships to college via the computer or the phone. Here are the different scholarships and what they're awarded for:

Scholarship Title Requirement Simoleons Given
Hogan Award for Athletics Body Skill 8+ 750
Bain-Gordon Communications Fellowship Charisma Skill 8+ 750
Kim Metro Prize for Hygenics Cleaning Skill 8+ 750
London Culinary Arts Scholarship Cooking Skill 8+ 750
Will Wright Genius Grant Logic Skill 8+ 750
Bui Engineering Award Mechanical Skill 8+ 750
Quigley Visual Arts Grant Creativity Skill 8+ 750
Phelps-Wilsonoff Billiards Prize Pool Skill 8+ 1000
Tsang Footwork Award Dancing Skill 8+ 1000
Extraterrestrial Reparation Grant Sim has been abducted by aliens 1500
Undead Educational Scholarship Teen sim is a zombie 1500
Young Entrepreneurs Award Sim has reached level 3 in their teen career 750
Orphaned Sims Assistance Fund Sim has no living parents 1500

Academic Grants

Sims earn academic grants of simoleons in college, awarded based on their GPA (grades) that semester

  • A+ = 1200
  • A = 1100
  • A- = 1000
  • B+ = 800
  • B = 700
  • B- = 600
  • C+ = 500
  • C = 400
  • C- = 300
  • D+ and Below = 0

Secret Society

In order to join the Secret Society, your Sim must become friends with three SS members. You can spot these guys by their blazers with the llama crest which they will wear on community lots. Try going to a community lot and watching for sims wearing a blazer with a llama patch.

Once you have made friends with three members, a limo will come and whisk you away.

You cannot see the Secret Society lot on your campus because it's, uhm... secret.


Young adult sims can live in a communal dorm with other sims. When they first get on the lot, they can click on one of the doors to the individual dorm rooms to claim it as theirs. It will then get their picture on the door and they can use the room as their own. Other rooms will be claimed by NPC sims that will move in.

To build your own dorm, see: Game Help:Building a Dorm

Greek Houses

Sims attending university can join a fraternity or sorority. For more information, see: Game Help:Greek Houses.

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