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Using Intel Macintosh Boot Camp to Run Sims 2

Have you grown tired of not having the great community modding tools and programs available to Windows players? Are you about to upgrade to an Intel Mac and have some spare cash to add to your Sims collection? Have you hit the macintosh custom content file limit? This article's purpose is to advise how to switch from the Macintosh sim platform to the Windows sim platform.

Do be aware that EA/Maxis does not support this process, however from this author's experience they will still offer support from the Windows perspective, with the advisement that they are operating from that perspective. It is strongly recommended to not mention the Boot Camp environment as now that it is out of Beta it should operate just as a normal Windows machine.

Transferring of data

This author's recommendation is strongly to not transfer your neighborhoods, lots, and downloads en masse. If you are desperate to transfer a particular family, house, or object please consider these tips to transfer each type.

Transferring Families

  • Move the desired family to a small, empty lot.
  • Family packaged lot should only contain the individual family members.
  • Remember that without programs such as Clean Installer for Windows you will need to make sure your expansion configuration matches your former Macintosh configuration (or is better.)
  • Package your families in your favorite outfits, this will speed up transitioning those outfits for later use.

Transferring Lots

  • Move the family out, hopefully following the previous transferring families tips.
  • Ensure the lot is gutted entirely, this step is to ensure that no lingering mac specific bugs have been left on the lots and any mods or objects you later use will be the most current versions.
  • Replace favorite floorings, walls, fences, stairs, etc have remained in place so you

Transferring Downloads

  • If the original download page is available, re-download the object.

From this author's experience of downloading many users download quite a few objects (especially considering the fact many are switching platforms due to the file limit being hit). Some of these objects may have been updated in the time they were first downloaded (refrigerators updated for Seasons as an example) or be outdated for the same reason. MESHes may also be missing from clothes or hair or the plain texture ready clothing items might be appearing in your available clothes unintentionally.

  • If the original mod page is available, re-download the mod.
    • Double-check that the mod hasn't been updated or discontinued by the creator.

It is also strongly recommended now that the ability is there to use SimWardrobe's conflict detection utility.

Boot Camp

Apple, with the debut of 10.5 released a full version of Boot Camp to be used with with an Intel-based Macintosh computer to run Windows in a native environment. Please follow the Boot Camp installation instructions, considering that you need enough Windows partition hard drive space to hold Sims 2, your neighborhoods, downloads, and any other programs you so desire.

Be advised, you must own a copy of the Windows version of Sims 2 and any expansion and stuff packs you wish to use. These versions can be either disk or digital download based from the EA Store. When running Windows from Boot Camp you are running a full Windows machine and any system specifications you have (i.e. 4 GB of RAM on your mac) convert directly to Windows specs in most cases as long as you use your Apple original parts.

Entering the Windows world also means you need to be aware of the possibility of more viruses and trojans than in the Macintosh world, use the Internet wisely and it is highly recommended to find your choice of protection against such interference.

Recommended Programs

Aside from the Windows Sims 2 desired expansions and utilities and a copy of Windows and 10.5 on an Intel Macintosh players need to consider programs to open those pesky downloaded files. .rar and .zip are your common downloaded files. Windows XP does not include a program to open .rar files by default and you will need to choose your own programs just as you would for the Macintosh.


While it is intimidating to make technological changes Boot Camp is a program and utility like any other. Reading the installation guides for your programs and utilities before starting to install and try anything new.

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