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The CEP or Color Enable Packages enables recolours for Maxis objects that only had one colour option to start with - or adds additional colour options to certain parts.

Basically, if you don't have the CEP properly installed, many recolours of Maxis objects will not show up, and any objects you already had placed on lots that needed CEP will flash blue. You should reinstall CEP after installing new expansions, and when it's updated to support new EP content.

Install or Reinstall the CEP

  • Get the CEP at: [1]

Download the CEP and install it. It's generally a pretty easy installation, and if you get the auto-installer program, it will install all of its files where they need to go without any effort on your part.

Even if you have already installed the CEP before, you can reinstall it using the installation program. This may be necessary if your object recolours stop working, you lose the CEP file in your Downloads, or you install a new expansion.

Once you have installed the CEP properly, load up your game and test whether the recolours of Maxis objects you have are working.

Does it work now?

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