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Into the Fire

This is an adventure your sims can do in Egypt.

Adventure Details

In-Game Description

"Ah, it is as I feared. But perhaps this will present an opportunity? Anyway, the documents have been deciphered and it's time to send you into the fire. Unfortunately for you, that is not a euphemism. MorcuCorp is interested in a strain of Flame Fruits that grow in the Tomb of the Burning Sands. I believe they plan to use it to help develop some kind of post-Atomic propulsion drive. Use this key to enter the tomb and gather some of these Fruits. It's bound to be hot in there so you might want to bring some Shower In a Can."


Pyramid of the Burning Sands - the smaller pyramid closer to the Great Pyramid.


Medium. There are some hidden traps to deal with, and few areas are large enough to set down a tent if your sim gets tired.


The reward for this adventure is:

  • 20 Visa Points
  • 900 Simoleons

Adventure Chain


1. Enter Tomb: Go through the entrance of the pyramid. It's the huge door on the front. You can't miss it. You'll need to Inspect the door to open it.

2. Insert Keystone: Your sim will be in a short hallway with four non-pushable statues, with an arch at the end of the hall and a locked door. Use the keystone to unlock the door, then go through it. Ignore the arch for now.
  • Note: The actual point of this adventure is to retrieve 5 Flame Fruits - not explore the Tomb. If you already have 5 Flame Fruits in your inventory, once you open the door with the Keystone, you can just go right back out and take them to the adventure giver, if you want - no need to explore the rest of the Tomb at all - unless you want to.

3. Trap and Water: This room has two dive wells. Use the one closest to the door to Get Soaked. There is a fire trap in the narrow part of this room. Attempt to Cross it. Break the rubble pile in the corner to get some minor treasure. Then explore the other dive well to unlock the door. Go through the door.

4. Pointless Switch: Use the floor switch to open a rather useless hidden door back to the dive well room. Go down the stairs.

5. Flame Fruit and Fire: At the bottom of the stairs, there's three Flame Fruit plants. Harvest any that have fruit. On the wall right at the end of the stairs, you'll be able to interact and Inspect it to find a hidden door. Push it open to reveal a small room with a treasure chest.

Push Far to move the center statue blocking your way and disable the first fire trap. Pick up the ancient coins on the floor, then repeat with the second statue blocking your way.

Clear both rubble piles and pick up the treasure. Then stand on the floor switch to reveal a hidden door allowing easier access back to the stairs.

Explore the dive well and swim through the tunnel to finish this room.

6. Ring of Fire: The dive well takes you to another room with a semicircle of fire surrounding a pushable statue, with several other statues.

Inspect the differently-patterned section of wall to reveal a secret door leading to a room with another dive well.

Move the pushable statue closest to the floor switch so that it disables two fire traps and allows access to the other statue. Then pull the statue back onto the floor switch. This will reveal a second floor switch - move the second statue onto the switch to reveal a standable floor switch. Stand on it to unlock the door.

7. Bit of Treasure: Go through the revealed secret door into the room with the dive well. Explore the dive well to reveal another secret door leading to a tiny room with a chest in it. Get the treasure from the chest, and then return to the room with the fire traps and go through the door.

8. A Burning Sensation: This room has 8 Flame Fruit plants growing in the center. Harvest the plants. This should give you all the Flame Fruit you need (combined with the three plants near the stairs from the beginning) to finish the adventure.

Inspect the two sections of differently-patterned wall to either side to reveal two secret doors. There's also a chest near the wooden door at the end of the path with some treasure.

9. A Little Flame: Go through the left secret door into a small hallway with an arch at the end. In the center of the hall is a hidden fire trap. Inspect it to reveal it. You can go back to the previous room with the dive well to Get Soaked, and then Attempt to Cross to disable it. Go through the arch.

10. Boulderdash: There are two rubble piles here. Clear them both. One reveals a small room with a treasure chest. The other has treasure underneath. There's another room off to the side with a giant boulder. You'll need Pangu's Axe to clear the boulder to get to this treasure. The dive well here seems to simply be decorative. Head back into the room with the Flame Fruit bushes.

11. The Long Hall: Go through the wooden door at the end of the room. Go up the stairs and into a long hallway. There are no traps here - just head for the rubble pile and clear it to get to the treasure chest underneath. Then stand on the floor switch to reveal a secret door leading back to the beginning. Go back down the stairs and into the Flame Fruit room.

12. Hidden Fire: Go through the open secret door on the right. Along one wall is a hidden fire trap. Easiest is to just go back to the room with the previous fire traps and use the dive well to Get Soaked. Then you can Attempt to Cross this hidden fire trap, and disable it.

Use the tomb hole along the wall next to the obvious fire trap to disable it, and then Explore the dive well. Go through the tunnel to get into another room.

13. Yet More Fire: Ignore the fire traps. Stand on the floor switch to unlock one of the doors. Go through the door. Inside is a chest with a Crescent Keystone. This will also reveal another floor switch back in the previous room. Stand on it to reveal a third switch. Stand on this last switch to unlock the other door.

Going through this door will give you a "completed the legendary Tomb of the Burning Sands!" message. Loot the chest and head up the stairs.

14. Another Hall: There are no traps here - just head for the floor switch and stand on it to open a secret door leading back to the beginning. Remember the room off that very first hallway at the very beginning? Though it's not necessary for the adventure, you may as well explore that part and finish this area while you're here.

15. Sarcophagus Room: Open the sarcophagus on the left to get a Crescent Keystone. The right one has minor treasure.

Clear both rubble piles. One allows you to access a tomb hole on the wall - Inspect it to reveal stairs leading down.

The other rubble pile covers a floor switch. Move one of the pushable statues onto it to reveal a secret door leading to a small room with minor treasure in a chest.

Go down the stairs.

16. Statue Room: This room has several statues, and a chest. Get the Crescent Keystone from the chest and use it to unlock the door. Go through the door.

17. Hidden Trap: There is a hidden trap just ahead of your sim after they walk through the door. Inspect the floor to reveal it. Then Get Soaked in the dive well and Attempt to Cross the trap to disable it.0

There is a boulder that you can break if you have Pangu's Axe, and a treasure chest beyond it. There's a secret door near the dive well that will allow you to just bypass the trap if you wish. Go through the door at the end of the bendy hallway.

18. King Raymundo: This room has six chests, and a sarcophagus at the end. Opening the chest on the right closest to the sarcophagus will cause it to open (also revealing a secret door at the end of the hall), and King Raymundo Rodiekhakare will appear! Eek! A mummy!

If your sim has high martial arts and athletic skill, you can try to defeat the mummy. Otherwise, run away and avoid it! Go through the secret door at the end of the hall.

19. Little Hall: Clear the rubble pile and get the ancient coins. Go through the small arch into another hall, and then up the stairs. Entering this room will give you a "completed the legendary Tomb of the Rock!" message. Go up the stairs.

20. The Way Out: At the top of the stairs is a small room with a floor switch. Stand on the switch to reveal a secret door. Go through the door, and you'll find yourself back at the beginning.

21. Deliver Flame Fruit: Return to the adventure giver to deliver the Flame Fruit and receive your reward.

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