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The Mini Emperor's Honor Guard

This is an adventure your sims can do in China.

Adventure Details

In-Game Description

"I thank you again! Oh Drat! I'm sorry. It seems I neglected to provide adequate protection within the First Emperor's miniature tomb. As the tomb is small, the neighbors simply will not fit. Perhaps you could bring (#) Red Assassin Bugs instead? You will be paid some Simoleons and some Ancient Coins!"


The sim you return the bugs to (and thus their location) may vary. The bugs you are expected to find can be located in various locations around Shang Simla.


Medium. While this is a standard "look at the map tags, collect the stuff, hand it in" task, people seem to have a lot of trouble with this one. Make sure you see the Notes in the Walkthrough for tips.


The reward for this adventure is:

  • 15 Visa Points
  • 8,824 Simoleons (likely varies based on the value of the bugs delivered)
  • 10 Ancient Coins

Adventure Chain


1. Collect Red Assassin Bugs: Bring up map view (press M). You can locate where the bugs are by looking at the map tags.
  • Note 1: If you do not see any map tags for the bugs, or not enough to complete the quest, just wait a while. It can take some time for bugs to spawn, especially if it's a fresh copy of China. Because Red Assassin Bugs are very rare, even if you've been adventuring in China for a while, there may only be one or two - or even none, for a while. Do something else for a while and check again.

  • Note 2: Most of the bugs can be found on hills. But the animation for bugs basically works as a flat plane - so part of it sticks into the hillside. Because of this, you may not actually see any bugs, as they're in the side of the hill. Make sure you unpause your game right at the location of the map tag, and wait. It can be several seconds to a minute till the bugs appear, depending on where they are. The bugs are tiny, but bright red. Pause as soon as you see a bug (hit 0 on the keyboard's number pad to do this quickly) and select Catch before the bug goes back into the hillside again.

  • Note 3: Usage of certain hacks like outdated versions of those that remove the censor blur when naked may make it so the bugs, butterflies, and fish from World Adventures are not visible. If you can see your sims naked when they shower but you can't see the Red Assassin Bugs, this is probably your problem - go to the Dragon Springs and if you don't see any fish in the ponds with your game unpaused, this is definitely the issue. You will need to save, exit the game, remove the problem content, and try again.

  • Note 4: The map tags do not disappear once you have collected all the bugs. You can continue collecting bugs forever this way, as long as you don't complete the adventure.

  • Note 5: If you already have the needed bugs in your inventory, you can just deliver the ones you have - no need to collect more (unless you want to).

2. Deliver Beetles: Return to the quest giver to give them the beetles and to recieve your reward.

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Sims 3 Game Help Categories:

Custom Content  | Installation  | Gameplay Guides  | Technical & Graphics Issues  | Miscellaneous Issues

MTS Help Q&A Forums
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