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Beekeeping, introduced in Supernatural, allows sims to harvest honey and beeswax, either to eat or to use in recipes and elixirs. To begin, you need to buy Mrs. Stingley's Beekeeping Box from the Hobbies & Skills tab of the Entertainment section of the Buy Mode catalog.



Each bee hive has three happiness levels, Angry, Content, and Happy. The game keeps a hidden score of their mood in a range between 1 and 100. Anything below 30, and they're Angry. Between that and 65, they're Content. Above 65, and they're Happy. When you first buy and place the hive, the score starts at 50. Bees are made happy by cleaning the hive and feeding them. When the hive is both fed AND clean, it adds to the happiness score by 1.5 points per hour. If the hive is dirty, you lose 1.5 per hour, and the same 1.5 with being hungry, so that you'll lose 3 happiness per hour if bees are both hungry and dirty. Hunger and cleanliness both have their own 1-100 values. Hunger decays at 4 per hour, and cleanliness decays at 2 per hour.

You also have the option to smoke the hive, which temporarily decreases the chance for the bees to sting.

Bee hives on community lots will not drop below a happiness score of 72, meaning the honey harvested from these sources can never be less than Very Nice quality.

Bees have a chance to sting a sim that is interacting with the hive. The chance to be stung is based on their current happiness level. The basic sting (-15 moodlet) has a 70% chance to happen when they're Angry, 40% chance when they're content, and 15% chance when they're happy. The bees may also attack your sim as a swarm, chasing the character that interacts with the hive around for a short time. During the "swarm attack," the unfortunate sim suffers a -200 moodlet, and is left with a -30 moodlet after the attack is over. The chances of the swarm event happening is 50% when Angry, 20% when Content, and 5% when Happy.


HoneyBottleBalloon.png SweetenDesertBalloon.png BeeswaxBalloon.png

The hive produces honey, which can eaten directly or be used in cooking and is an alchemy ingredient. The quality of the honey produced is based on the bees' happiness score:

  • 12.5 - Foul
  • 25 - Bad
  • 37.5 - Normal
  • 50 - Nice
  • 62.5 - Very Nice
  • 75 - Great
  • 82.5 - Excellent
  • 90 - Outstanding
  • 97 - Perfect

They produce one bottle of honey per 12 hours, and store up to 5 bottles' worth (or 2.5 days worth) at a time.

Any time a sim harvests honey, they have a 60% chance to also harvest beeswax.


  • Firecracker Shrimp - Honey, Ghost Chili
  • Firecracker Tofu - Honey, Ghost Chili


  • Flask of Angry Bees - Honey, Beeswax
  • Essence of Magic - Honey, Any Mushroom
  • Jar of Potent Friendship - Red Valerian Root, Beeswax
  • Jar of Potent Discord - Mandrake Root, Beeswax


Icon Moodlet Name Effects Time Period From Description Notes Expansion
File:MiscBeeMoodlet.png Bee Sting -15 24 Hours Bee Sting Ouch. Stupid bee. It was able to defend itself somehow. Result of the single sting
File:MiscBeeMoodlet.png Bee Sting -30 24 Hours Bee Sting Ouch. Stupid bee. It was able to defend itself somehow. Result of the swarm attack
File:MiscBeeMoodlet.png Bee Attack! -200 15 Minutes Being Attacked by Bees Bees! BEES! They're huge and sting crazy! Weapons are useless against them! The moodlet applied during the swarm attack
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