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Celebrities were added with the Late Night EP and give any sim the opportunity to be famous!

How To Identify Them

Showing a sim's Celebrity Level.

Like in real life, sim-celebrities get followed around by the paparazzi and crazed fans. To see whether a sim is a celebrity or not, hover over them (or their picture in the relationship panel), and if they have stars above their name then they are famous.

There are five levels of fame, ranging from A to Z list, and this can be determined by the number of stars a sim has. One star is Z list, five stars is A list.



  • The higher a sim's celebrity status, the more clubs and lounges they can get in to.
  • They will get given discounts on a variety of goods.
  • Suppliers will send them free goods, such as pianos, hot tubs and beds.
  • Fans will come up and ask them for autographs or take photos.
  • Children of celebrities will automatically gain Celebrity Levels without having to do anything.


  • They can have bad rumours spread about them - both true and false - resulting in a negative moodlet which lasts for three sim days. If a celebrity does something negative, like pee themselves or woohoo with a vampire, they will be informed that word has spread around town. Spouses of celebrities can also find out about their affairs this way. Occasionally a celebrity might have a false rumour spread about them. To try and quash the rumours sims can either talk to other sims to 'dispel rumours', or take drastic measures and take a trip to city hall to sue for slander. Beware though: if a sim loses their case they will still have to pay legal fees, but never fear because if you lose you can just try again.
  • The paparazzi will follow them around, taking photos and writing notes.
  • In Bridgeport, the really high-level celebrities live in the big houses on the island across from the main downtown area. Their houses are flanked by high security gates, and if a sim doesn't know the residents then they can't get onto the property.

How To Become One

The key to gaining star status is networking. In order to increase a sim's Celebrity Level they must earn Celebrity Points. The quickest way to do this is to befriend sims with a higher Celebrity Level than theirs.

When a sim is out and about, if they see a celebrity they can approach them and greet them. Depending on their Celebrity Level, they may invite the sim to try and impress them, or they may be less friendly and tell them to come back when they can impress them! Here you can click on the celebrity and choose 'try to impress celebrity...' which brings up four options:

1. Talk about occupation.

2. Talk about skill.

3. Name drop.

4. Talk about wealth.

The success of any these depends on how high up the sim is in any of them. The best way to impress is to choose the one under which the sim ranks best. For example, if the sim knows a 5-star celebrity and has two skill points in mixology then choosing 'name drop' will work better than 'talk about skill'. If the sim is successful in impressing the celebrity, then the normal social menus will appear when clicking on them and you can interact with them as normal. Once the sim has gained enough Celebrity Points a notification will appear informing them of this, and you will be able to open up their Celebrity Journal (found on the Simbology tab of the UI or by pressing 'L').

In order to keep progressing, the sim will have to socialise with celebrities who are of a higher level than themselves. Additionally, certain career paths may provide opportunities which reward the sim with Celebrity Points.

Celebrity Journal

This lists statistics relevant to your sim's life of fame. It shows:

  • Their current Celebrity Level.
  • The progress bar.
  • The number of celebrities known.
  • The number of discounts obtained.
  • The number of freebies obtained.
  • The amount of money saved.
  • The number of bars visited.
  • The number of times photographed.
  • The number of autographs signed.
  • The number of times publicly disgraced.
  • The number of times falsely accused.


Celebrity status is independent from career tracks except Film, for which it helps with performance.

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