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A firefighter sim in middle of duty.

Now with Ambitions, sims can enter the exciting world of firefighting. From extingishing small household fires to rescuing lives from a quake demolition.

Sims with the Brave or Daredevil trait will have an easier time when facing off the blazes. Also a high level of Athletic and Handiness skills will help your sim at field work and equipment maintenance.


Performance boosters

  • Emergencies: Attending to emergency calls. When sims finish them successfully they get the most profession performance increment.
  • Skills: Training both the Athletic and the Handiness skills. Gives performance boost gradually while learning the skill.
  • Coworkers: Making friends with fellow firefighters. (?)


Level Title Weekly salary Start Time Day Length Days Reward
1 Water Boy/Girl $276 9:00 AM 8 hours M,T,W,R,F I'm a Firefighter social
2 Soot Stripper $340 9:00 AM 8 hours M,T,W,R,F
3 Fire Safety Instructor $400 9:00 AM 8 hours M,T,W,R,F
4 Hose Handler $520 9:00 AM 8 hours M,T,W,R,F Firefighter Axe wall ornament
5 Fireman/woman $640 10:00 AM 8 hours M,T,W,R,F Personal upgradable fire extinguisher
6 Fire Sergeant $840 10:00 AM 8 hours M,T,W,R,F Hanging Fire Suit wall ornament
7 Fire Captain $1132 11:00 AM 6 hours M,T,W,R,F
8 Backdraft Specialist $1480 11:00 AM 6 hours M,T,W,R,F
9 Assistant Fire Chief $1840 12:00 Noon 5 hours M,T,W,R,F Immune to Fire hidden trait
10 Fire Chief $2480 12:00 Noon 5 hours M,T,W,R,F Fire alarm, fire engine for home use

City Hall rewards

  • Trophy "Honor": Rescue 2 sims from fire.
  • Medal "Protection": Success in 'X-ray disaster'.

Unique interactions

  • Friendly -> Tell firefighting story.
  • Romantic -> I'm a firefighter.


Emergencies show themselves suddenly while at the fire department, and should be attended by clicking on one of the fire alarms that are evenly distributed there. Once an emergency arises, time starts counting, and depending both on how much time do you spend at taking over it and the type of emergency, you get a different grade. Getting a better grade grants a big increase in your profession performance.

Time interval
Grade Small fire /
Disaster in building
Large fire
A 0 to 3 hours 0 to 4 hours
B 3 to 4 hours 4 to 6 hours
C 4 to 6 hours 6 to 7 hours
D 6 to 7 hours 7 to 8 hours
Fail Special

Failing occurs when not attending the job, aborting current emergency, or all the affected sims die.

Small household fire

Breaking thru a door.

In this type of emergency, your sim must go to another household and extingish a small fire, usually centered around the oven. If got there early, the fire normally doesn't extend more than six floor tiles. This should'n be a big deal, even by sims without the brave trait.

Large household fire

This is more serious than the above. The fire usually starts at a household more than one floor high and with two or more sims trapped in.

The fire now extends though the multiple floors and even over windows and doors, and you must enter in and convince the scared sims to run out of the house (screaming still 10 inches from flames isn't very intelligent)

In this type of fire, most the doors are usually stuck. This is indicated as a pair of axe icons swinging around the affected door. Actually, all the fires at the windows must be extinguished before your sim can smash down the main door. If the firefighter sim has a low Athletic skill, he or she will usually do several worthless tries in breaking it.

This type of emergency is finished when all the sims are rescued and all the flames extinguished.

Disaster in building

The fire appears in a community lot with a 'rabbit hole' building in it. There are a few sims around scared about something, but when zooming out the camera the building seems normal.

To manage this type or incident, the firefighter only has to be ordered to enter the building and take care of it. Then the sim dissapears in the building for about 2 game hours and leaves it succeding in the mission.

X-ray disaster

Appears at the hospital. When viewed at distance there are several yellow lightnings hitting the top antennae, and a lot of blue static electricity swirling around the walls.

There is no difference with 'Disaster in building'. The sim has to be ordered to enter the building and manage it. It takes about 1.75 game hours to complete the task.

Angry Gnome Invasion

This emergency requires the firefighter to locate and catch a variety of Mysterious Mr Gnome that has red eyes and spouts shining %[email protected]# symbols from its body.

Equipment maintenance

Fire truck

The fire truck has a performance value that slowly drops over time. Your sim should take care of it regularly by selecting the appropiate interaction on the truck. If the truck's maintenance percentage is very low, its speed will drop notably.

If the sim has a high Handiness skill (level 5 or higher), he or she can be ordered to upgrade the truck. Up to 3 upgrades can be made. Upgrading it makes it faster, so you can get better grades from start.

Fire alarm

As with the truck, the alarm has a performance or quality percentage that slowly diminishes over time. A bad mantained alarm takes more time to "detect" an emergency, making your firefighter to get a bad grade from start, and also will ring like smashing scrap.

With a Handiness skill of level 6 or more (?), a sim can make the 'Improved fire alarm' unique upgrade. In-game descriptions states that it responds faster to emergencies.

Fire extinguisher

When reaching level 6 or more of Handiness, clicking on a firefighter sim the 'Improve extinguisher' interaction is shown. The upgraded extingisher sprays with orange foam, and douses a fire tile significantly faster.

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